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Ever Wondered How Your Website Development Cost Is Calculated?

October 28, 2017 |
Web Design
Website Development Cost

Trade and business have been an integral part of our society right from the early days of civilization. The earliest of the trades go back to the days when even the monetary instruments were absent. People relied on the barter system to trade according to their needs. Obviously, there has been a drastic change in the business world over the years. With an exponential increase in the magnitude of internet access, every business today relies heavily on online trade. Be it a local grocer or an FMCG heavyweight, everyone needs their presence over the web. The most critical question to be answered here is to take a call on the expense related to website development.

The cost of designing a website is variable, and thus it becomes difficult as a business owner to take a call on what should be the right amount to invest in creating and developing the website. Moreover, it’s more important to understand the base of cost estimation. There are a few key factors that affect the cost of developing a website and it’s important to know them beforehand.

1. Domain Registration

The very first step in web development process is to choose a domain name and get it registered. A domain name is the web address or the URL of your website. Like ‘’. Availability of a particular domain and the type of domain are 2 critical elements deciding the cost. Common terms, names, and one-word domains often carry a high price tag. There are different types of domains as well like .com, .in, .au, .og etc. The cost also depends on the type of a domain. There are a few domains which are even available for free. However, it’s not advisable to go with them if you are really serious about your business.

2. Hosting

In order to occupy space over the web, you need to pay a monthly or yearly fee. That’s called the web hosting fees. There are tons of local as well as global service providers who can provide you hosting services. Again, there are free hosting services available, but you will not get good quality of services from them. Moreover, it will expose your website to security threats across the web.

3. Design

The above-mentioned factors are pretty basic and the change in cost can be only a few dollars here and there. The real game starts with the design part of a website. The cost of designing a website depends on a lot of factors. Web firms who have access to premier softwares and have skilled professionals will charge you a premium price. But, this price will often be justified by the superior quality of their work.

Again, the amount of time consumed also determines the cost as most of the payments are calculated on an hourly basis. An efficient workforce will ensure that the tasks are completed without any errors or need of redoing the work again and again. This will help in keeping a tap over the total working hours and thereby saving on the overall cost. It’s better that you check the portfolio of their projects to determine the quality of their services before handing over the project.

4. Copywriting

This is the tricky part while deciding to create a website. Most of the businesses prefer to write their own website content as they feel they are the best people to decide the tone and words to communicate with their end users. However, this is where they get it wrong. Producing effective web content is not everyone’s cup of tea. Content is the ultimate King and professional web content writers are a must to produce effective content. Don’t try saving a few bucks here as it could prove drastic for your business.

5. SEO

What’s the use of a creating a great website if it’s not visible to the world? The world of web is a dense forest full of innumerable websites and links. It’s very difficult to catch a visitor’s eye without onsite optimization. SEO refers to the process of optimizing a website in a way that search engines find it appealing and thereby increasing its visibility. This is again a specialized skill and requires professional assistance. Avoid the future loss by planning and implementing SEO during the initial stage itself.

So when you start planning to create your website, keep these vital factors in mind. If you want to do it, do it the right way. Consider and discuss all of these above-mentioned factors with your web design firm to zero down on the web development cost. Even better! get started right away. Share your requirements with our experts and they will provide you the best quotes.

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