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Web Development Evolution Over the Years

August 10, 2018 |
Technology, Web Design
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Change is the only constant. With other things, web development has also witnessed an evolution comprising many changes over the years. New ideas and technologies have raised the industry standard of web development to a whole new level. In this article, we will highlight how web development has changed over the years and what’s the contrast between yesterday and today.

Many Visually Appealing Fonts Available

Rollback the clock, or ask designers from yesteryears, they will go on and on talking about how standard the fonts were those days. You only had a handful font style, patterns to play around with. Every second website looked more or less similar. There weren’t any multi-font graphics that are available today. Today, you can not only find almost any font you think of, but can even create your own font.

User experience is critical and therefore a lot of emphasis is given on customization of elements, including the fonts. Fonts customization has become fairly easy, owing to the readily available tools (both paid and free). You may think what’s the need of so many fonts to convey the message through the website? Well, it’s not just about the text or what the text is trying to communicate; it’s more about the overall user experience and how well the fonts settle with other design elements of the website to enhance the experience, look, feel of the website.

Many Visually Appealing Fonts Available

GIFs Have Replaced PNG and EPS

Low page loading time is a vital element for any website’s success. In the past, designers and developers were very reluctant to use high-quality images as their large size hampered the page loading time. Therefore they used low-quality, stock images. However, the time has changed and users now expect HD images. Best WordPress page builders understand the importance of images and offer many options for integrating them into your site seamlessly.

PNG offers a wide range of images, but you may still notice a low pixel resolution of images, especially while viewing in different resolution. This is where EPS images have come in to minimize the distortion. Being based on vector imaging, they eliminate distortion or bad resolution. Moreover, they quickly upload, since they are compressed. The GIF is seeing a comeback, and they are no longer restricted to funny cat memes, they hold more visual importance now and is one of the most effective formats for animation.

GIFs Have Replaced PNG and EPS

Social Media is Everywhere

We don’t really need to push on how drastically social media has grown during the past ten years and is now a crucial part of our lives. Facebooking is now an action, messaging someone is a typical part of a conversation and our websites understand the language because we have to be social on our websites. Plenty of viral and news content floating throughout sites and social media is a normal occurrence. The number of people accessing news on Twitter or Facebook before one of the popular news shows is almost double.

It’s imperative for every business to have a solid social media strategy in order to survive in today’s world. Integrating social media into a website is a regular step in today’s web development process. Developers work hard to help users navigate their way over to “like” and “follow.” Developers nowadays don’t even ask “Do you need to integrate social media channels into your website?” It’s given, an unwritten rule given the current scenario.

Social Media is Everywhere

Development Simplified, Good Content Gained Importance

You no longer need to be a coding ninja to develop a website. HTML is not as necessary these days as it was a decade ago. If you want to build a website, you can use a drag and drop page builder and have a website up and running quickly. It looks great and most of the time functions in line with visitors expectations.

Meta tags are still here, but the importance is less than what it used to be a decade ago. Search engines will still pay attention to your metadata, but if you look at how important it was ten years ago and how important it is now, you will notice a major difference. That said, high-quality organic content is much more important in the search engines than any data you type in.

Good Content Gained Importance

As the times continue to change, we have to change and adapt to make sure that we are not left behind with a website from yesteryears. There is no reason to not set yourself up for success with a stunning website with great functionality and the ability to give its users an experience they will want to repeat. Talk to Our experts and know how you can do that?

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