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Top Social Media Practices You Must Follow To Boost Your SEO

October 7, 2016 |
Top Social Media Practices You Must Follow To Boost Your SEO

The components of online marketing were never the same 10 years ago. Things have dramatically evolved over the last few years and new components have found a much more significant role in the digital marketing world. SEO is one such component which has climbed to a new level of significance in terms of effective social media marketing. With Google regularly twisting the game rules, it becomes difficult at times to match the SEO best practices of social media. In this article, we will cover the top 5 Social Media practices that you should follow to boost up your SEO.

Social Media & SEO-Pair them together in your strategy

Creating social media and SEO strategies individually will do no good to your business. Regardless of the complexity of these two, they should be treated as interconnected and interdependent features. Pair them together to come up with the most productive social media marketing strategy. It might sound complicated and an uphill task but it’s enormously important. So what are the key practices that you should follow to boost up your reach and increase your social media presence? Let’s find out.

1. Focus on organic traffic and quality followers

It’s a common misconception that a huge number of fans and followers guarantee a higher ranking in searches. Google is smart and smart enough to identify proxy followers. Building organic following is very vital and is the only way to boost your rankings through followers.

How do you do it?

  • Create irresistible content – It’s very simple, if you provide compelling content to your readers and they feel it’s a good read then they will certainly share it with others.
  • Strike a conversation and always respond to them – Everyone likes to be heard. Make your audience feel heard at a personal level. Engage yourself in a healthy conversation with them and always respond to their comments or queries. The response time should ideally be as soon as possible. Answer all their questions being as descriptive as you can.

2. Get more external links

All SEO experts of the industry will agree on the universal fact that external links are the most important method to get traction on your web pages and attain higher rankings. External links are more effective than internal links.

How to do this?

  • Publish GREAT content on your website
  • Encourage online reviews to build local reputation
  • Use hashtags. It increases visibility

3. Optimizing the posts for searches is the key-

Popular social media updates are favored by Google and it then features in its search engine result pages. That’s why it’s very critical that you optimize your posts to seal this opportunity.

How to do this?

  • Content optimization – Proper use of keywords is pivotal and thus keywords must be optimized in the entire post. But optimizing the posts doesn’t mean stuffing unnecessary keywords. The post content must be prepared for humans and not for search engines. Check your keyword ratio in WordPress (using plugins) before you hit the publish button. Include interesting facts, numbers, dates and statistics in your content.
  • Image optimization – While uploading an image, always include relevant keywords in the file name. It’s also very important to fill the Alternative Text option with a brief description of the image including keywords. While uploading images, maintain the aspect ratio of the image in a 2:1 ratio.

4. Social Sharing

Sharing on social media platforms works as a vital force to build a brand’s authority. It’s just like external links wherein an external source is validating your content thus boosting your brand authority. So all those likes, comments, shares, retweets etc. work wonders for your brand authority in the digital space. It pumps up your search rankings as more and more people are talking about you.

How to do this?

  • Recognize and reward people who actively share and promote your posts. People like being recognized and rewarded. This will motivate them to be more connected with your brand, actively engage in a conversation and share your brand name with others
  • Question them, ask their opinion and know what they really are interested in. Posting questioning content raises the possibilities of people liking the content or engaging in a conversation through comments. Conduct an interactive survey to know their opinions on different factors

Implementation of these steps might sound a walk in the park but surely it’s not that easy as it looks. But it’s not impossible as well. All it requires is a clarity in the thought process while formulating your social media marketing strategy and combining the two most important elements – SEO and Social Media. NYX Ditech has the right experts to guide you how to effectively increase your reach through the proper use of SEO along with Social Media. Talk to us TODAY!

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