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5 Valuable Tips On Effective And Persuasive Web Design

March 17, 2018 |
Web Design
Effective And Persuasive Web Design

The ultimate goal of any website is to draw user’s attention and to influence his behavior on the website through web design. While this is a well-known fact, most of the website designers end up focusing more on the visually appealing factors and sideline the critical aspects of website designing. We have collected a few important tips which will help you focus on designing influential and effective websites. Take a look!

1. Keep A Check On The Text Length

The optimal length is 100 characters per line. However, for a likable reading experience make it between 45 and 72 characters. This is because people prefer reading shorter lines. To be more precise, people don’t really read on the web but they only browse through the text. Keeping an optimal length of text will ensure that the users don’t hurry through the text but actually read it.

2. Avoid Providing Unnecessary Distractions To Users

You may think that humans can multitask by keeping the same level of concentration on each task, you are probably not correct. Users don’t really do multitasking, they do switch-tasking. When a user is switch tasking he cannot properly remember or pay attention to everything.

Make sure that you don’t let your customers focus on 3 different things at a time. Arrange your sequence of information, the layout of your images, and copy carefully without unnecessary distractions. This is especially important for your vital pages like the sign-up page and the main product page.

3. Pair Your Colors Well

Never try to be too flashy and experimenting with colors. When it comes to selecting the color scheme of a website, the classic color schemes are the best. I have seen designer pairing Red & Green, or Red and Blue. These pairings are too hard on eyes.

They create an optical illusion of colors jumping out, making it very tiring for the user’s eyes to look at. Go with pastel backgrounds while choosing colors for your website. Don’t go too strong on the colors. A dark font on a light background is highly recommendable.

4. Break Down The Content For Easy Reading

Despite all the new technology available in the world, reading text online is still a tedious job and can cause fatigue. For the simple fact that our eyes are not meant to read text online. So for an easy reading experience break down your copy into bullet points, shorter paragraphs, and categories.

Use of images is also a great way to ensure better user experience. Also, it’s not advisable to be too experimental with the shapes and fonts of the text. Use clear and readable fonts. Shy away from skinny fonts and use big and round ones. The best size is 14 or 16.

5. Always Remember The 3 To 4 Rule

3 is an important number. Humans can remember 3-4 things at a time and that too for about 20 seconds before they disappear into an unexplored world. But, this doesn’t mean that you can only give 3-4 options to your customers. Simply stack your information into groups of 3s and 4s.

This is especially important for your navigation bar. By giving more than 3 to 4 options to your users, you will make it difficult for them to choose or even take any action. Also, avoid keeping too many tabs and categorize all the information under 3-4 tabs.


These simple, effective and useful considerations will make a huge difference in how your customers will experience your website. These tips will also boost your chances of selling being a content, product or idea. Talk to our design experts and learn more such tricks on designing.

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