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A Roadmap to Website Designing & Development

July 29, 2016 |
A Roadmap to Website Designing & Development

Are you looking to start a new website? Or thinking about a makeover to your existing website so that it looks better? In any case, it’s essential to understand at least the basics of what goes into website designing and development. It’s a no-brainer that your website is the heart of all your business and marketing activities. There are a lot of marketing channels linked to the website which draws visitors on your website. The core business objective of the website here is to convert these visitors into customers. What does it mean? It simply means that if you have a bad website, all your marketing expenses would be wasted as the website needs more conversions rather than more visitors. On the other hand, if you have a good website then it will increase the conversion ratio.

There are hundreds of self-proclaimed web designers out there on the streets with some knowledge of HTML and stuff. They will no doubt create a website for you with a lot of information, but ask yourself, is that what you need to improve conversion? The answer is NO. So you got to look for someone who is seriously an expert in web designing and development and follows a methodical approach towards building a website. Let’s understand this approach step by step:

1.Information Collection
Identify the business objective and know the target audience. Collect information as to why we are building the website and what are the long-term goals.

2. Planning
Plan and prepare a site map for the website to determine the content and topics to be included on the website. Define a proper structure for the website and also zero down on the technologies which will be used.

3. Design
After collecting the vital information and planning, it’s time to decide on the look and feel of the website. Target audience plays a pivotal role here. For example – A website targeting the youth and teenagers must have the same youthfulness and vibe in its design. It’s no point going subtle and classy in this case. The wireframe models, visual style, usability, UI & UX are the integrals in this phase.

4. Content
Content is the king for any website and pretty much determines the success of a website. Implement a correct set of text, photos, videos etc. on the website which should not only be customer centric but also search engine friendly (SEO).

5. Development
Now comes the actual creation part. Create a website using HTML and CSS coding along with support from a few databases and other required technologies.

6. Testing
Once the codes have been implemented it’s very important to check and test it to identify and rectify any technical issues. Along with the technical testing (testing the code), check the compatibility of the website in different browsers and also analyze if the website really fulfills the business purpose.

7. Maintenance
The job isn’t over once the website is live. Monitor the live website constantly for bug fixes and also to maintain the website with regular updating of information which is very essential.

So let’s admit, it’s a little complex procedure overall and that’s where NYX Ditech comes to your rescue. We follow the exact same methodology to provide you the best possible experience. So what are you waiting for? Click here and check out our services.

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