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Everything You Need To Know About The Implementation Of Moving Backgrounds

April 30, 2022 |
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Moving Backgrounds

No one can question the popularity of video content. TikTok is rocketing to the top of the application charts, and short videos are being shared most frequently on Facebook. Video’s appeal isn’t just restricted to social media; it’s a powerful medium for graphic design professionals to boost conversion rates. As per various surveys, videos in moving backgrounds may boost home page conversions by up to 80%. 

Making use of video on your website is a smart move. Even yet, that doesn’t imply that you should make your homepage into a mini-movie theater. In web design, it’s all about achieving the right balance between what’s visually appealing and what’s actually useful for the intended audience.

When Is It Appropriate to Use Moving Backgrounds?

A moving background may be really powerful, but it isn’t always the best choice. They might be distracting as well as slow down your website.

If you’re marketing a complicated product, a video is more likely to divert your audience’s attention. If you’re providing something more professional, such as financial planning, classified documents, or anything related to healthcare, a video feels out of place. 

Luxury lifestyle companies typically make effective use of moving backgrounds, as buyers purchase into an experience rather than a commodity. Likewise, seminars, spas, conferences, vacation rentals, and so on all fall under this category. The following is a list of 3 reasons why animated backgrounds are beneficial:

  • To set the right tone
  • To give off the impression of one’s way of life
  • To provoke a response from the audience

How to Integrate Moving Backgrounds Into The Home Page Successfully?

#1 Don’t Let Your Website Slow Down

Visitors will leave your site if it loads slowly, which affects your traffic statistics. Here are three things you can do to speed up your website:

  • Make sure your photos are well-optimized.
  • Compress your data and manage your own cache.
  • Your video should be looped. When looping your video, keep in mind that longer clips will cause your site to slow down. You may speed things up by having a short clip that loops. Opt for a clip of duration between 5–10 seconds, and then loop it perfectly and continually to make it appear longer than it really is.

#2 Your Call to Action Needs to Be Clearly Stated

Moving backgrounds visual have the advantage of attracting the viewer’s attention, which is helpful for establishing a mood and enhancing dwell time. However, if your CTA has to compete for attention or gets neglected due to your changing background, you’ll have issues. Avoid placing your CTA at the top of your video, since this will make it difficult for viewers to focus on the vital information.

#3 Maintain the Readability of your Content

If your animated backdrop is complex and comprises all of the hues and tones, merely choosing a contrasting color may not be sufficient. If the contrast is too high, ask the graphic design experts to use a bright, dark, or colored overlay to make your text stand out.

#4 Pick A Backdrop That Complements Your Message

Animated backgrounds have a tendency of stealing the show. For this reason, they’re one of the favorites! However, if they divert attention away from your primary message or objective, you may quickly find yourself in trouble.

Don’t merely choose the most visually appealing video while crafting your backdrop. Your overall theme or brand should be the driving force behind what you choose. Your home page’s changing backdrop should complement, not detract from, its message.

#5 Be Cautious With Audio 

When you click on a website, you don’t expect it to start playing a song or sound effect without your permission. Particularly if you’re in a quiet environment, such as an office. As a result, auto-playing audio is strictly prohibited. If the video has sound, ensure that it loads silently so that the user has the option of turning the sound on or off.

Final Thoughts

An excellent strategy to improve your brand’s message and entice visitors is to employ dynamic backdrops. They have the ability to increase engagement, raise conversion rates, and provide an immersive experience that is irresistible. However, be cautious while using them. Do keep the above-mentioned points in mind before implementing them on your website. Contact Us today to learn more about how to implement it on your website.

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