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Looking For A Cheap App Development Agency? Think Again

November 25, 2017 |
App Development Agency

The popularity of mobile apps is scaling new heights with every passing day. Having a mobile app for your business has become almost mandatory. But with every new advancement in mobile technology, we hear about new heartbreaking stories of clients. In an attempt to save a few bucks, companies choose app development agencies that offer development at a low price. But is it a wise decision? The stats and experience of the industry experts beg to differ. This option will end up costing you more money, time and efforts eventually. Here are a few pointers showcasing the adverse effects of choosing a low price or cheap app development agency.

1. Wastage Of Time

Time is money and a wastage of time means wastage of money. A seasoned digital agency will have experienced players with years of industry experience. This enables them to understand your requirements quickly and they can deliver the end product much faster. Whereas, a low-cost digital agency will not be able to employ experienced staff. A less experienced or fresher app developer will apparently take more time which will increase your overall costing.

2. Lack of Facilities Resulting In A Low-Quality App

A cheap digital agency will always face budget constraints and that’s why they will always cut down wherever it’s possible. They will not have a highly experienced team, no access to premium tools, technological restrictions and even a not so great infrastructure. All these factors will affect the quality of your final product. A low-quality app will require a lot of changes, improvements, and advancements at a later stage which will require more money.

3. Low Ratings & Poor Reviews

The first impression is often the last impression. A user starts judging your app from the moment he downloads your app. As discussed in the previous point, a cheap app agency will end up making a low-quality app which definitely will not sit in the good books of customers. Users will thrash your app ratings and will write negative reviews as well. This will give you a double blow. You will not only lose customers who have installed your app, but the poor ratings and reviews will force potential users to look for alternatives.

4. No Provision Of App Maintenance

A cheap digital agency aims only at the initial development of an app. Their sole objective is to create the app and launch it for you. Very rarely they will provide the support and assistance required after the launch of the app. But, the real game only starts once the app is launched. They don’t spend the necessary time and efforts on testing the app in test and real-time environment which allow some bugs to sneak through the release process. This will result in crashing and improper functioning of the app and your app will die slowly.

5. Lack Of Effective Communication

A cheap digital agency will mostly be without any organizational structure. Most of the times there is not even a project manager or a SPOC with whom you can communicate properly. As a result, your expectations, suggestions, and limitations are not comprehended by the agency. This also results in missing the deadlines and redoing a particular task due to ineffective communication. The launch of your app keeps getting delayed and the cost continues inflating.

The purpose of this article is to make you understand one simple fact: ‘Cheap may not necessarily be the best always.’ Of course, cost saving is an essential aspect of any business. However, saving a few bucks in a short run by sacrificing the overall quality of your app is not a very bright choice. Also, you will end up paying much more eventually. So choose wisely! Discuss your mobile app development requirements with our experts who carry loads of industry experience and get the best solutions.

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