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Changes in Logo Design Trends in 2021

Logo Design Trends

Not only has the COVID-19 catastrophe profoundly altered how consumers engage with goods & services, but it has also intensified the movement toward a digital marketing strategy. Due to the abrupt transition toward digital platforms, companies must respond more quickly to changes in consumer behavior and expectations.

Many companies were compelled to undergo digital transformation in the aftermath of the pandemic, while others took advantage of the opportunity and reinvented themselves by adopting design trends. Major businesses such as Google and Burger King have changed their logos to be interesting and relevant in this new era, while others have pushed creative limits to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Trends are critical in logo design, as the logo is an essential part of branding. If a firm creates a mediocre logo, it immediately loses its prospects of big success. Therefore, we’ve examined significant innovations in the world of design and compiled a list of the top logo design trends for 2021. Are you prepared to rebrand? Let’s get started! 

Logos with Minimalist Style

As we are constantly overloaded with pictures and descriptions, clarity and absolute minimalism become increasingly important. Tech behemoths are abandoning their original logo designs in favor of more generic, predictable, and nearly similar logos.

A basic and flat typeface, such as sans-serif, enables logos to be scaled more efficiently and effectively. Sans-serif logo designs are often more appealing to a large audience due to their simplicity since they can easily be integrated into a coherent brand identity. 

Given all of this, it’s unsurprising that the majority of companies choose generic logotypes, which give a very straightforward message to consumers: “We’re clean, adaptable, and efficient.”

Motion Design

Dynamic logos are a critical opportunity to push the boundaries of marketing. Typically, we encounter logos as static images on the packaging or other items. Nonetheless, we must modify the assumption regarding the logo. Over the last few years, animations and videos have been an integral element of visual advertising. This tendency will only grow in popularity as technology advances.

The more we stare at a picture, the more vividly we recall it. What’s noteworthy is that the customer will stare at the static logo for no more than three seconds before forgetting about it. Why? The consumer will next be shown with at least ten pictures. All of them will get confused in memory.

An animated logo provides a chance to keep the consumer’s attention for a few seconds more. As a result, your brand will become more memorable.

Wordmark Logos

Because wordmarks have existed for generations, this is not a new trend on the rise. The goal behind a wordmark logo is to make use of the brand name but to style it uniquely to serve as a trademark for the brand; therefore, the term “wordmark”.

We’ve seen an increasing number of brands abandoning icons in favor of wordmarks, making adjustments with their type, and generally cleaning up their designs for a more minimalistic feel. This trend will continue in 2021, as a well-designed wordmark works wonders for the company, as they are one of the most recognizable types of logos.

Gradients & Vibrant Colors

There are two types of individuals in the world: those who adore gradient logos and those who dislike them completely. When not applied properly, it may be rather unpleasant. The classic old linear method of progressively blending two hues, such as blue and green, will no longer suffice, as it will provide an obsolete appearance to a logo. However, there are several innovative techniques to apply gradients:

  • Include a minimum of three colors.
  • Unusual color combinations provide an edgy appearance.
  • Mixing specific colors together in novel ways to fit the contours of the design.

In general, the usage of gradients in logos will flourish in 2021. However, there are a few factors to consider before opting for a multicolor mix for your logo. As previously said, it is a divisive issue, thus it is critical to examine the intended audience for the logo.

Monogram Design

Since the nineteenth century, monogram logo design has been a classic style. Numerous logo designers use monograms while developing a logo, therefore it is not a new style in the field of logo design.

Monogram-style logos are gaining popularity, particularly those with strong geometric and layered components.

Expressive Shapes and Icons

Symbolism in design is a relatively recent development. For decades, major businesses such as Nike and Apple have used symbolic emblems. However, it is expected that logo artwork using symbols and icons will gain popularity in 2021. Additionally, the emblems will be more explicitly integrated into the overall design.

Successful brands will utilize symbols to communicate their intent rather than their action. The symbols will explain why brands focus on a certain good or service. To get a subtle impact, you can combine symbols and icons into your logo’s typography.

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