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10 Famous Logo Design And Their Hidden Meanings

May 18, 2018 |
Logo Design

For a lot of people, a logo is only a creative way of depicting your business name. However, there’s a lot more than this behind the concept of a logo design. Logos not only play an important role in the overall branding process, they also help people to identify and connect with a brand. That’s the reason why designers devote a good amount of time in carefully crafting a logo which communicates the brand’s language. While creating a logo, designers use their creativity in different ways and sometimes they squeeze hidden meanings in a logo design. Here are 10 famous brand logos which look very common but have a hidden meaning in its design:

1. Amazon

Amazon Logo
At first sight, the logo simply looks like the company name with an arrow. But, this arrow is not just to add an aesthetic appeal. The arrow starts from letter ‘A’ and goes till letter ‘Z’ which conveys that the company offers an A to Z variety of items across its online store. In addition to that, the arrow displays a smile which customers will pose as they will be satisfied by the wide range of products.

2. FedEx

FedEx Logo

The shipping giant’s logo is again no-brainer at first look. However, if you look closely, you will notice that the blank space between letters ‘E’ and ‘X’ shows an arrow representing speed and precision in company’s delivery.

3. Le Tour De France

LeTourFrance Logo

The most iconic cycle race across the globe is a world-class sports brand in itself. Again, there’s not much to think about when you first look at the logo. However, the designer has neatly fitted a cyclist in between through the letters ‘O’ ‘U’ and ‘R’ which clearly communicates what the brand is all about.

4. Beats

Beats Logo

The logo for Beats is pretty simple with letter ‘b’ enclosed in a circle, followed by the company name. But, the circle isn’t just a circle. It depicts a human head and the ‘b’ inside it represents a headphone which very effectively allows people to visualise themselves wearing company’s headphones.

5. Baskin Robbins

BaskinRobbins Logo

Interestingly, when Baskin Robbins was launched, it started off with 31 flavours of icecreams and the company very creatively highlighted this fact in their logo. The curve of letter ‘B’ represents number 3 while the stem of letter ‘R’ represents number 1.

6. London Symphony Orchestra

LondonSymphonyOrchestra Logo

This one is a little tricky and requires attention. The logo of London Symphony Orchestra shows the initials of the company written in a single freehand stroke. But that’s not it. There’s an orchestra conductor waving his baton in the logo. The joint of letter ‘S’ and ‘O’ represents the head of the instructor while the letter ‘L’ represents the baton.

7. Formula One

Formula1 Logo

Formula One is the world’s biggest and most renowned car racing championship. Its logo shows the initial of Formula and a race track. If you look closely the space between letter ‘F’ and the racetrack shows the digit 1, which completes the logo.

8. NBC

NBC Logo

NBC was once known as the Peacock Network and hence the bird was first used as its logo in 1956. The peacock has now evolved to this with its 6 colored tail representing the departments; News, Sports, Entertainment, Stations, Networks, and Productions.

9. Picasa

Picasa Logo

Picasa is an image editing and sharing site. The logo of Picasa features a colorful circle which represents a camera shutter. Also, the name itself has a hidden meaning. ‘Casa’ means home in spanish and thus Picasa means ‘home to your photos’. If you look closely, the space between the different colors features a house.

10. Sony VAIO

SonyVAIO Logo

Vaio is Sony’s brand line of laptops. The logo is not just a stylishly written brand name but refers to turning analog waves into a digital form too. The analog waves are represented in the ‘V’ and ‘A’ while the letters ‘I’ and ‘O’ refer to 1 and 0, which are the two digits used in the binary code, the digital language.

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