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Dos & Don’ts of Logo Design For 2021

July 17, 2021 |
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Logo Design

When establishing a firm, it is critical to plan branding(which includes logo design as well). You must establish a strong brand identity from the start if you intend to leave a lasting impact on the clients you wish to attract.

Logos are key components of branding, particularly when starting a corporation. Designing a logo is much more than simply combining colors, fonts, and elements to create a visual identity. You require a logo to accurately portray your brand’s purpose and communicate its message clearly and impactfully. We’ve compiled a list of useful dos and don’ts that will help you look professional and establish a reputation for yourself in your field.

Logo Design – Dos

#1 Conduct Audience Research

One of your primary objectives of creating a logo is to build a brand identity. At the initial stage in the logo-creation process, specify your audience. Conduct research on their hobbies and online behaviors to develop the ideal logo that is certain to capture their attention and have a lasting recall value.

#2 Ascertain That It Is Readable

Logos are intended to be easily comprehensible. If you’ve developed a logo but it’s difficult to interpret and understand, it’s time to reconsider your font selection. Customers may view your logo and perceive a different name than what you meant, causing confusion. Maintain a basic and easy-to-read typeface by avoiding complex or too detailed fonts.

#3 Consider Various Sizes

Although you may just require your logo to be displayed on brochures, social networking sites, or your webpage in the early phases of starting up your firm, however, later things may change. You must design a future-proof logo, which means that if you need to scale it up for banners or billboards, the quality of the design should not be compromised. Your logo must appear flawless at every size!

#4 Pay Attention to Taglines

When developing your brand image, a tagline is critical for conveying your personality. If you want to incorporate a slogan into your logo, keep it short to prevent creating a cluttered or busy-looking design. When selecting typefaces, choose a smaller font for the slogan or tagline so that the focus is initially on your brand name.

Logo Design – Don’ts

#1 Make It Very Complex

Logos are not intended to be elaborate or intricate. Simplicity is important! 

Avoid employing an excessive number of colors or creating the illusion of a costly piece of art. Using just so many lines or mixing several typefaces in your logo can be distracting and will cause your audience to focus on the incorrect elements of your brand. Incorporating too many components will also impair your logo’s scalability.

#2 Copy Other Brands

Plagiarizing with other brands or businesses is illegal and will get you a lot of trouble. The goal of marketing and branding is to differentiate oneself from the competitors. If you want a unique identity in the market, you cannot do it by mimicking other brands.

#3 Adhere to Trends

Trends change rapidly, and if you cling to a trend while developing your logo, the branding may become obsolete in a year or two. Our online habits, particularly with regard to social media, are continuously developing. While the audience may connect with particular memes today, they will almost certainly forget about those someday.

While trends are beneficial for marketing purposes, they are useless when it comes to branding and developing a logo.

#4 Be Too Literal

Logos are exciting and vibrant! Taking your design too literally might produce something that seems too complicated or even uninteresting. If you own a restaurant, there is no reason why your logo should include an actual restaurant scene. Make an attempt to be as unique and imaginative as possible.

Your logo should be straightforward, eye-catching, and vibrant enough to communicate your message at a look.

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