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Looking To Design An Impressive POS Display? Follow These Latest POS Design Trends

March 24, 2018 |
POS Design Trends

No matter how strongly you market your product or opt for an aggressive advertising campaign, more than 90 percent of the actual buying decisions are taken when the customer is in the store. Having said that, it becomes critical to ensure that the customers don’t miss out on your products. Designing a stunning and alluring POS display and other POS material can maximize your chances of conversion. Take a look at some of the latest POS design trends which you can use in your next design.

1. Addition of Dramatic Images

Everyone loves a bit of drama! You must not shy away from using bold aspects in your design. Bold colors, fonts, and images often grab more attention. A lot of designers nowadays include some dramatic images to catch attention instantly. Take a look at this Seagate POS display.

The explosive image of a soldier along with a quirky punchline is bound to make heads turn around.

2. Product Based Design

It creates a great appeal when the design layout of your POS features the design of your product. There’s a direct impact on customer’s mind when he looks at the product itself as a whole. See how Duracell designed this POS display in the shape of the battery itself.

3. Minimum Yet Impactful Content

Keep the content in your design to a bare minimum highlighting only the important points. Use tables and bullets to stack the content in a crisp and concise manner. Don’t forget to highlight the benefits and rewards for the customers. Customers are most interested in reading them. Highlight the pointers and also use icons to draw attention.

4. Using Real People Photographs

Human faces create a great impact and are very effective in drawing attention. It’s not necessary that your POS material design should only focus on the product. Photography can be included in your POS design to provide a personal touch that will surely get more attention. Make sure that you use models or people that fit your target audience and customer base.

5. Inclusion Of Digital Media

Images and videos create the maximum impact on customers. Thus, it’s a thoughtful step to involve some kind of digital media to blend in with your overall design. A large number of POS displays are nowadays equipped with a screen that plays a video commercial on loop. The continuous movement on the screen will capture people’s attention and it’s also the best way to impart a lot of information that you may wish to provide to your customers.

An impactful POS design is a must in order to boost your business. However, this element is often neglected by businesses only to regret it later. Talk to our design experts to get the best design solutions for your POS displays.

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