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What Are The Key Components Of A Flawless Chatbots?

December 22, 2017 |

Any business that wishes to reach new heights of success relies heavily on its customer service. No matter how good your product or service is, a poor or average customer service can cause a serious dent in its success. For long, humans proved to be the best option when it comes to customer service representatives. However, customer-centric chatbots are quickly taking their place. Communication is the key to any successful business and that’s the reason why several marketing top heads are integrating AI-enabled chatbots into their system.

Today, when a visitor lands on a webpage, a chatbot welcomes him with a message. This creates a positive impact on the customers and engages them in a conversation with the company. The leading developers across the world have developed amazingly intelligent Chatbots that can quickly process all kind of information like text, photos, videos etc. So what should you keep in mind while making a chatbot for your website? Here are a few key ingredients to make a perfect chatbot.

1. Contextual Understanding

The biggest challenge while automating human communication is to understand the contextual meaning of a statement. For this, the chatbots need a much higher level of intelligence which will enable it to extract the real context from a customer’s statement. It must analyze a number of variables like conversation history, date, day, tone etc. present in a customer’s statement. These variables vary from customer to customer. Intelligent chatbots can effectively streamline the internal communication process to strengthen the customer support.

2. Comprehendible Responses

No matter how intelligent these chatbots become, the key to their success will always be how human-like they are. When visitors land on a webpage and start interacting with these bots they must feel as if they are really interacting with a human being. To ensure this, it’s essential to maintain a particular tone and dialect while talking. The focus should predominantly be on creating a natural communication process with responses that are clearly understood by the visitors.

3. Predefined General Responses

Chatbots must be designed to not only give custom replies, but they can provide general responses based on a predefined mechanism. These flows are designed in order to take the users from introduction stage to conversation. An AI-enabled chatbot must be used to enhance this marketing mechanism and save time for the customer support desk. Predefined responses will help in gathering the initially required information hence shortening the customer support process. Chatbots are most used in the banking and healthcare sectors where it has helped a lot in saving time. An analysis showed that chatbots helped in saving almost 4 mins per customer in comparison to a phone call. This can help these sectors save billions of dollars every year.

4. Data Gathering Tool

Chatbot is an amazing data gathering tool. Brainstorm and zero down on the key data metrics that you would like to collect from your customers and design your chatbot in a way that it captures this information. For example – Ask the zipcode from your customers to know their location. You can collect information about their shopping preferences to push relevant information to them. Information about their eating habits, shopping preferences, exercise habits etc. will help you to push relevant offers and promotions to them.

5. Constant Evaluation and Updation

This is the most important component to consider while developing a chatbot or for that matter any new application or feature. Chatbots are pretty new, which means there is a huge scope for improvement and enhancement. Keep a close eye on your competitors. Figure out what they are doing well and implement it in your chatbot strategy. Pick out the innovative features and see if you can use it in your chatbots. Also, learn from their mistakes and shortcomings. Monitor your app on a regular basis and evaluate it thoroughly. Determine the scope of optimization based on your overall goals.

Concluding Remarks

A chatbot is a brilliant digital marketing tool which can boost the conversion ratio of any business. It also is a cost-effective alternative to human customer service representatives and has a very bright future ahead. The only tricky part is to maintain a balance between the automation and human aspect. No matter how much the technology grows, human touch will never lose its value. The upcoming few years will be very exciting and it would be real fun watching these chatbots evolve. Talk to our experts to know more about chatbots and discuss your digital media requirements.

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