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iPhone Turned 10 This Week. This Is How iPhone Completely Changed The World

January 12, 2017 |
iPhone Turned 10

Something very special happened on Jan 9, 2007, which engraved this date in the history books forever. Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced iPhone that went on to change the world. Nokia was leading the mobile phone markets until 2007 and was all set to launch Windows Vista back then. Little did they know that this newbie from Apple will put Nokia and others to bed. As iPhone turned 10 this week, here is how iPhone has completely transformed the way we live.

1. On the Go 24 X 7

There were days when connecting to the internet was a daunting task. Switch on your computer, connect to the WiFi, open the browser and then connect. iPhone led the revolutionization of mobile internet which was followed by other manufacturers soon. People were connected to the internet all the time without any hassles through their WiFi network or cellular network. For the first time, use of the internet was not painful but useful.

2. Boost To The Aftermarket Mobile Accessories Market

The mobile related accessories before iPhone were fairly limited to an earphone and a mobile cover. iPhone brought in a lot of other complimentary products along. iPad which was a bigger version of iPhone for use at home or an Apple watch which is tethered to the iPhone. To add to it, there are a whole bunch of accessories which incited by the popularity of iPhone. Bluetooth speakers, charging docks, headphones, mobile cases and what not.

The mobile accessories market is growing at a rapid pace and shows no sign of slowing down.

3. Now Everyone is a PapaRazzo

Mobile cameras were a known concept even before iPhone. But, when iPhone was released it completely changed the mindset of users and added a new dimension to mobile photography. iPhone’s ease of internet connectivity and apps like Instagram shook the photographer inside every other person. Dragging the actual camera around faded out as a trend.

iPhone Camera
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4. Fingers Became The New Pointing Devices

Touchscreens were not really popular back in 2007. However, 10 years from then we are swiping and making hand gestures around literally everything. From mobiles to even smart refrigerators, touchscreen is everywhere. When Steve Jobs introduced iPhone he said: “We are all born with the ultimate pointing device – our fingers – and iPhone uses them to create the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse.” Well! he couldn’t be more correct.

5. No Longer a Lost Tourist

Google maps and Apple maps are the two most widely used mobile apps. With, the introduction of mapping in iPhones, carrying a physical map when in a new city or country was completely eliminated. Apple has added new features time and again on Apple maps to make it more user-friendly and accurate.

iPhone Map

6. The Next Level of Gaming

iPhone revived the gaming concept to a whole new level. With the touchscreen concept in front seat, games like Angry Birds became hugely popular. Another big change was that most of the games and apps became free. The revenue model of apps tilted from an upfront download charge to in-app purchases and ads.

7. Goodbye Cash

Yes! Mobile payments were even talked about before iPhone but it got extremely popular with the iPhone. The popularity of mobile payments grew exponentially and touched even the non-techy users. iPhone’s mobile wallet helps you manage your payments, retail coupons, rewards cards, movie passes, flight passes and a lot more.

8. The Appification

Interestingly, the first version of iPhone didn’t have the app store and third-party apps option. It was in the next version (iPhone 3G) when Apple introduced the App Store. iStore made iPhone a must have device. iPhone has produced industries which couldn’t have been thought of without the app store. Think of Uber, Snapchat, Instagram and thousands of other businesses that totally depend on apps.

9. Life Becomes Live

iPhone has played a vital role in enhancing the real-time connectivity between people. With ease of access to the internet and camera that acts as a cam recorder too, people can connect to their friends and families across the globe. Services like Facebook live or Periscope allows users to report mishaps and incidents on a real time basis.


10. The No More Effect

iPhone literally killed a lot of age-old tools and services. People needn’t carry a calculator, Flashlight or Mp3 players anymore. Apple Basically killed Adobe Flash and video voicemails provide ease of skipping forward to in a message. With Podcasts, the real-time radio was no longer required.

It’s nearly impossible to sum up 10 golden years of iPhone in mere 10 points. However, one thing is for sure that iPhone has definitely revolutionised the concept of mobile phones. Apple has set a new benchmark for not only itself but for every mobile device manufacturer, only to benefit the consumers. Congratulations Apple iPhone on completing a scintillating decade.

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