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How To Improve Your Mobile App Performance In Play store?

July 21, 2017 |

Everyone wants to climb up the ladder of search engines and wants to sit at the top of search results. Businesses spend a good fortune on SEO to better their Google rankings every day. Internet is literally the magic Genie which provides answers to all of our queries. Be it finding a nice fine dine restaurant, booking a flight, online shopping, checking match results, or something as basic as booking a cab. With time and growth of mobile usage, web applications have quickly found their better substitutes in mobile applications. Everything you ever wished and did through a web application can now be done through a mobile app.

There are more than 2.8 million apps available for users on Play Store. That’s a huge number. Literally HUGE! Imagine the level of competition amongst applications on Play Store. Web applications rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to better their rankings in Google search and similarly mobile apps rely on ASO (App Store Optimization) to make mobile app content rank high in Play store. Let’s find out the key factors that influence the Mobile App performance in Play store and how you can better your play store search ranking.

1. Mobile App Optimization

It’s a basic necessity to optimize your mobile app in order to get discovered by users. Using relevant content for your mobile app plays a vital role here. Title keyword and app description are the two pillars of your app content. Always use the primary keyword in app title. If your app title has the appropriate keyword related to your app, it increases your chances of getting discovered. However, if you use a very generic keyword which is used by thousands of other apps, Google will automatically direct or suggest the name of the most popular app instead of your app.

Secondly, use a very crisp yet strong description for your app. Your primary keyword must be used at least 3-4 times in the description but don’t try to stuff in keywords. The first 167 characters are counted as meta description for search engines and thus must be utilized wisely.

Use a tool to analyze keyword performances and popular keyword suggestions. App Annie is one such tool which proves to be really helpful in tracking the performances of your keywords. You can easily implement changes based on the results shown by App Annie. This will help in increasing organic downloads.

Mobile App Performance

2. Multimedia Plays A leading Role

We have mentioned this time and again that visuals are the best way of representation and are also the most attractive form of representation. When users land on your app install screen, greet them with attractive visuals in form of screenshots, pictures, videos etc. A video about the app is a good option to introduce users to your app. Screenshots can convince users about the mobile app design, flow, and structure.

Mobile App Performance

3. Use Social Media To Increase App Visibility

Social media platforms are tremendous launchpads to share and popularize your app. Share your content within Facebook and Linkedin groups so that it reaches to a maximum audience. Linkedin is more of a professional portal whereas FB is very informal. Thus, the content type and tone must match accordingly. Instagram has recently gained a lot of popularity and is bound to grow by leaps and bounds in terms of popularity. Instagram should also be focused when it comes to sharing your app content.

Mobile App Performance - Social Share

4. Responsive App Design

People will access your app through various devices like tablets, mobiles etc. that have different screen sizes and resolutions. It’s critical that your app is 100 percent responsive so that it provides flawless viewing and usability experience to users on all sorts of devices. Providing compatibility with all the devices will reduce chances of uninstallation and will increase app popularity.

Mobile App - Responsive Design

5. App Size

Another important factor influencing mobile app performance is the size of an app. Although space on a device is not an alarming concern for users these days, it still matters a lot that the app size is appropriate. If your app is too big, chances are that a user may become hesitant in downloading the app and will look for an alternative. There will also be situations wherein the install is abruptly canceled in the middle due to a long downloading time. The size must be kept just enough to provide a swift & smooth downloading and installing experience.

6. Reviews And Ratings

The most influential factor determining the popularity of your app is the Feedback & Ratings provided by the users. Your app will always rank high in the search bar if you have a high number of 5 ratings. The ratings of your app show how good your product is and will always encourage other users to install and use the app. Users rely heavily on ratings and feedback to know the real picture.
Exceptional ratings along with good reviews will boost their conviction for your app. As a company, the user reviews will help you to determine the flaws in your product. Use the reviews in fixing bugs, fine tuning the performance, and preparing the upcoming version of your app.

Mobile App Performance

The aforementioned factors can prove to be a game changer for your mobile app. In an app market that is full of similar applications, it becomes extremely difficult to attain high rankings in searches. Optimizing your app through ASO and following good practices of app optimization can be very helpful in this case. Reach out to our experts and discuss your requirements with them today.

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