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The Importance Of Web Design In Marketing Campaigns

January 4, 2019 |
Web Design

A company’s website is its primary introduction to the world of web, and it needs to be as effective as possible to create a stunning first impression. Even the best marketing campaigns could miserably fail if they go along with a poorly designed website. The marketing strategy of your company may be convincing enough to grab the attention of prospective clients, but it is your website that will lead them to make the final purchase thus providing you with some real ROI. In this article, we will help you understand the importance of high-quality web design and will educate you about how it can accentuate the success of your marketing efforts.

Direct Impact on SEO

What’s the point of marketing yourself, if users can’t find you. A lot of businesses opt for website redesign these days because their current designs simply do not help their Google rankings. The first step is usually eliminating duplicate content occurrences which is the easy part. Additionally, it is important that your website design contains options for inputting meta descriptions, Alt tags etc., considering that these are some of the simple, yet important, elements of SEO.

Main Source of Conversions

The foremost aim of any business is to increase its business, which is generally done by increasing conversions. The goal of marketing efforts and even the website is to generate new and recurring business. The conversion rate is calculated by the number of website visitors who complete the desired action – purchase, register, subscribe etc. Designers can design website that boosts conversion ratio by improving the layout, text, and online forms. It is important for a business to accurately convey its goals to the people designing its website, so that they can act accordingly. These web development experts can provide you with not only a great looking website, but also one that is effective, in terms of improving your overall conversions.

Improves the User Experience

User experience, or UX, is a very important factor that needs to be taken into consideration when we talk about website design and its effect on a marketing campaign. For example, you can create high-quality content and place it on your site, and then use different channels to advertise it. However, if your website is not user-friendly, the efforts will be pointless because all the people you have attracted using marketing tools won’t stick to your website long enough to check out your content and your product.

Other important UX features include website speed, navigation and visual elements. It’s not good if your website takes too long to load. A new user is almost guaranteed to leave before even giving your website a chance. According to a survey, nearly half of web users expect a site to load in two seconds or less. They tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within three seconds. So there is very little room for error.

The next feature that has a great impact on UX is navigation. Make sure you simplify it. Easy navigation ensures longer stay on the website and there is a bigger likelihood of conversion. The visual elements that make up your website also play a vital role in elevating the UX of your website. They need to be designed in such a way so as to provoke emotions in your users.

Helps to Reinforce Your Company’s Message

Your website design is important for elevating your brand awareness and conveying your company’s goals. Besides successfully conveying your company’s message, it also helps in evoking emotions in your users. Some carefully chosen images in combination with the right colour choices in the background can have a huge impact.

Website design can play a lot of different roles in a marketing campaign. The design can be there as a support system for reinforcing the desired message. Even be the epicentre around which the whole campaign is built. It is a powerful tool that can both educate new users and drive them to make a purchase.

A well-designed website leads to a successful marketing campaign. Efforts and funds you invest in a marketing strategy can be a waste if you don’t have the right design. Discuss your website requirements with our team of experts.

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