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Human Faces Can Be A Great Tool To Increase User Experience

January 29, 2018 |
Design, UX
Human Faces

In a quest to increase and better the User Experience, designers try to use plenty of techniques and new ideas. However, they often neglect the fact that human faces can be a compelling tool in a designer’s toolbox. Human faces are bound to get more attention as compared to any other visual graphics. Moreover, they evoke human emotions which can lead to an emotional interaction and increased engagement. The reactions and behaviors of users can be easily influenced by the use of human faces. Here are a few factors that highlight how faces can be very effective in enhancing UX of any website.

1. Creates A Stunning First Impression

No matter what kind of content you have on your web page, images of faces will draw immediate attention as compared to other content. Many eye tracking studies have confirmed this fact and has also stated that the users keep moving their attention back and forth between these face images and other content. A face will create a solid first impression of your website on users. It doesn’t take a long for users to form an opinion about a website during their first interaction. 50 milliseconds approximately. That’s really quick and therefore a face can act as a powerful tool to create a significant impact.


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2. Effectively Guides a Visitor’s Line Of Sight

Once a user’s attention is grabbed you can also guide his line of sight with proper placement and use of face images. As humans, we have a tendency to follow the line of sight of other people. It simply means that if a face image is looking in a particular direction or towards a particular section, users will also shift their focus in that direction. Designers can use a strategically placed face image to direct users’ attention to important content and call-to-action buttons.


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3. Facial Expressions Evoke Emotional Responses

We all have come across the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words ” and this could not be truer in case of a face image. The human face is capable of expressing and showcasing a large number of emotions. A designer can convey emotions through facial expressions on human faces. The expression on the faces of images used can evoke similar emotions in users. If users view a genuinely happy face, they will most likely develop the same emotion which will influence their feelings for your website or the brand as a whole. Studies confirm that emotions in designs directly impact the conversion ratio.


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4. Builds Trust

Building trust among users is very critical to the success of any business. Human faces can help a lot in establishing a sense of trust. Trust is the foundation of any successful and loyal customer base. The digital world is full of products, services, and brands. Users are always skeptical and don’t trust anyone easily. Showcasing real faces on the website portrays your openness and trustworthiness. A lot of companies have followed this and have opted a new kind of personalized ‘About Us’ section. They depict faces of CEOs, teams, and other members of the company to boost up trust. It is very useful for industries like medicine, childcare etc. where trust is a big factor.


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5. Generates Visual Appeal

To a great extent, a product’s success is related to its visual appeal. A poorly packaged product might not get the sales it deserves. Same is the case with websites. No one wants to see an ugly design. Everyone prefers an attractive design. Human faces are a great way to enhance the aesthetic aspects of your design. Human faces provide a personal touch to users and they feel more connected. A website with human faces makes the users believe that there are real people behind this design. A lot of websites lack this personal touch which cost them deeply in terms of conversion ratio.


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To Sum It Up

The effective use of human faces in UX design can create a huge impact on user experience. They are a great source to catch eyeballs immediately, evoke emotions, build trust and influence the behavior of users. Designers must use human faces more often while designing a website to shape up the overall experience of users. We have a team of experts who constantly infuse similar design tricks to scale up the user experience. Have a word with them and get a stunning website design.

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