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Hiring A Web Design Agency? Here’s What You Need To Know

August 12, 2016 |
Hiring a web design agency? Here’s what you need to know

Zeroing on a web design agency to carry your tasks can be a daunting process. It’s essential to understand what are your requirements to ensure that you partner with the perfect agency who can share your vision and business objectives. So here is a list of pointers you should keep in mind while selecting a web design agency :

1.Services under their umbrella:
Defining your own requirements and narrowing down on the overall business objective is a prerequisite. Once done, it is important to know what are the services offered by the agency that you are considering. Whether they provide web designing, UX, UI, SEO, content, digital marketing etc. or not. Match your requirements and services offered while choosing the agency.

2. How do they charge and what’s the price:
Pricing is one of the biggest decision-making factor in this process. You should have a thorough understanding of their pricing model and charges for every service. You must have info if they bill you on a flat project rate basis or hourly basis depending upon the manpower required.

3. A good reference check is highly advisable:
Know more about the company and the people to whom you wish to outsource your work. Who owns the company, how much experience they hold, what’s their feedback in the client world, what’s their overall strength (not that it defines something) are some good to know information. Information about their previous projects, clients and success will give u feel of satisfaction and will grow your confidence in the agency.

4. How versatile is the agency?
Imagine you decide to start a blog section on your website and want to develop written and video content for the same. You approach your current agency, only to discover that they don’t have this expertise and you need to look for a separate agency altogether for one single section. Complete waste of time and efforts. Always analyze how versatile is a digital agency and whether they can hold your hand when your business is enhancing and more services will be required.

5. How and who will manage my project?
There are two kinds of agencies: One who have an in-house team of experts and second has a bunch of freelancers who work on contract basis for them. You must know what is the project management pattern of the agency and knowing the SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) like a project manager comes very handy to avoid running in circles. Also, the number of discussions and review meetings should be pre-decided to ensure smooth functioning throughout the project.

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