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Here’s Why Iot Is The Next Big Thing In The Tech World

December 2, 2016 |
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Here’s Why IOT Is The Next Big Thing In The World Of Technology

Because of the Internet of Things more electronic devices are connected to the Internet and they are talking to each other behind your back. Today, IoT has become a major part of our lives in ways you probably didn’t know. Slowly and gradually it has gained a lot of popularity recently and is being labelled as the next big thing in the world of technology. Here are a few facts that make IoT really the next big thing in all our lives:

1 . Internet of Things Has Already Impacted

The Internet of Things is an emerging technology where machines are embedded with sensors that allow them to relay data to each other with little to no human involvement. Basically, it means all sorts of everyday items are connected to the internet which could potentially transform the way we live. One of the earliest examples of this concept goes back to the early 70’s when the first ATMs went online. Some items you use which are already incorporated with IoT include the Apple watch, Fitbits, and smart home appliances like refrigerators. Many other items are in the midst of getting the IoT treatment like cars on the streets. This could facilitate the flow of traffic during the rush hours.

2. Big Businesses Are Already Pouring In Huge Investments

In 2008 there were officially more devices connected to the Internet than there were human beings on the planet. And by 2020, that number is expected to soar up to 50 Billion according to CISCO. Tech companies see a promising future for Internet of Things claiming that it will make businesses more efficient. In a recent report, GE predicted that IoT will add as much as 10-15 Trillion dollars to global GDP in the next 20 years. According to projections by Business Insider, these products will outperform the tablets, PC and phone market combined. For the time being the largest market will be smart home technologies such as thermostat made my NEST, a company Google bought for 3.2 Billion dollars. As per the BI Intelligence, the IoT market is estimated to be worth 490 Billion dollars by 2019.

3. IOT Is A Boon To Medical Science

Internet of things could literally save more lives. Although the biggest pie of benefits will be gulped by the tech giants, it can really benefit medical science. IoT can completely revolutionize the patient care management system. It will enhance the communication between the doctors and their patients as well. IoT technology can also help in emergency situations like a heart attack. Relevant information about patient’s medical history can be forwarded to the operating doctor before the ambulance arrives with the patient. This will expedite the entire operating process giving the doctor some crucial extra minutes to figure out the best treatment possible.

4. WiFi Developments Will Add To The Power Of IoT

Scientists and engineers at the University of Washington have invented a WiFi system that transmits Wifi using 10,000 times less power than the current generation routers. This could allow very low powered sensors to be placed into just about anything. Another system Power Over WiFi or POWiFi allows enabled devices to convert WiFi signals into DC current. Soon the devices could be powered by WiFi. If engineers could bring the ease of technology together, devices and appliances could be interconnected and continue to run on an energy loop powered by that same WiFi. This will only make IoT more efficient, accessible and convenient for us.
Although it’s too soon to predict the exact fate of Internet of things, the aforementioned facts surely pose a very bright and promising future. The tech gurus across the globe are predicting a thumping positive impact of this technology. Well, let’s see how IoT change the way we live today hoping the change will be only better for us.

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