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Best Resources for Graphics Design for 2021

June 26, 2021 |
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Graphics Design

Either you’re working on a new project with limited money or have been given a strict budget by the customer; there are several free graphics design tools that can assist you. However, utilizing free pictures, typefaces, tools, and other assets frequently comes with a cost. They might be of poor quality. Or, even worse, they might’ve been taken from their legitimate authors, who never meant them to be freely available.

However, we have simplified things for you. In this blog, you’ll discover free design materials that are consistent with excellent quality and legally available for download. Whether you’re looking for photos or videos, typefaces, or design tools, you’re certain to find them here. Let’s take a look at the best graphics design resources of 2021:


Adobe’s Kuler is the finest resource for all graphics designs involving a lot of colors. It will assist you if you’re attempting to choose colors for an existing palette or if you’re beginning from scratch. By dragging the points around the color wheel, you may pick from a wide variety of analogous shades and custom colors, and Kuler will provide you with the RGB and HEX codes necessary to create a masterwork.

Book Cover Archive

This is the ideal location for anybody interested in book design. This site features a gallery of book covers created by some of the world’s most recognized artists. Here, you can simply arrange book covers by photographers, artists, authors, and genres; the website would attract you and inform you a lot about new ideas.

The Noun Project

The Noun Project is an outstanding repository of iconography. This site is a goldmine for designers seeking icon creativity or stock icons. Furthermore, if you are an icon creator, you may sell your icons. It has over 100,000 icons with a variety of themes.

Graphics Fuel

Graphics Fuel is an online platform that offers free Photoshop templates and graphics design together with their actual source files. PSD file type, backdrops, logos, and font styles; you can find everything here.  Rafi is a graphic artist who invests a significant amount of time developing high-quality graphics only to give them free of charge – so be sure to check out his creative collections.


Are you seeking a comprehensive collection of free visuals and online resources in one location? Pixeden provides something for everyone. With an abundance of graphics design and online design templates, vector icons, and a dedicated area for printing and web graphics, you can name it and get it. Anyone can join for free, but if you’re looking for something a bit more, you can also subscribe to one of their paid packages.


It’s an incredible resource for free typefaces. The interface is fantastic – it displays all of the typefaces in large, bold letters. This website contains loads of different fonts for download. Moreover, you can enter your custom text to compare typefaces – ideal for selecting logo and header fonts.


It is the preeminent online destination for designers, engineers, illustrators, technologists, artists, and other creatives. It is the finest source for product design industry news and information since it provides the newest design news, conferences, contests, publications, and resources.


It is a website dedicated to showcasing visually appealing and relevant logo designs. As this website has been for almost a decade, it has amassed an extensive collection of logos. It has basic and clean layouts, as well as thumbnails for each design. They are vertically structured, requiring visitors to just tap on each for further details and inspiration.


Do you wish to market your work? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place. This site will allow visitors to vote on designs and then declare the day’s, month’s, and year’s best. Along with showcasing your work to millions of individuals, you can also explore an almost infinite number of some very breathtaking designs.

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