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How Massively Does Google’s AMP Impacts Your Online Marketing?

December 30, 2016 |
Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)

2017 is just around the corner, and we are more excited than ever. The year 2016 was full of innovative excellence and technological enhancements. We saw the rise of many promising technological implementations which make us eagerly await 2017. Google’s AMP has been a hot topic amongst digital marketers across the globe. It has created ripples across news biggies, web owners and SEO experts and Google seem to be in no mood to tone down its pressure on websites to adopt it.

What Is Google AMP?

Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) is a method developed by Google that helps search content load up to 10 times faster than the traditional model. It has a specific type of HTML called AMP HTML which strips down the content. Due to this, the users will see articles that contain only basic text and images with respect to their searches.
AMP enabled content is indicated by a lightning symbol against it.

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Page

AMP’s Importance For SEO

Google has always been clear on the aspects which decide the placing of content in its search engine rankings pages (SERPs). Page speed and mobile readiness are the most important aspects among others which impact the ranking of a page. With faster page load speed and mobile friendly content, you are bound to get more traction on your web pages.

Google is not merely a search engine that directs users to different websites. Google has moulded itself to be the company that provides answers to user queries. “Featured Snippets” has been the method of providing answers to questions. However, it works well only with simple questions. Like it will give an answer to the question Who won the 2016 U.S. presidential election? But, if you ask Why did Donald Trump win the 2016 U.S. presidential elections? Then, it will look into the depth of articles and a new page will load which may be slow on mobile devices. Google’s AMP project is an effort in this direction to provide you links that quickly load straight away in SERPs.

Positive Impact of AMP on Online Marketing

1. Higher Ranking for AMP Enabled Articles

AMP enabled articles are displayed at the top of a Google search. This differentiates them from the clutter. Currently, they are displayed as a swipeable horizontal merry-go-round. The paid option is not available as of now but you can expect it in the future.

AMP Enabled Articles

2. Google’s AMP is for Everyone

Facebook has a restriction which allows only a handful of publishers to participate in its Instant Articles section. But, Google has no such restriction. Anyone with a little knowledge can format his/her content to be accessed by a huge number of readers and that too at a lightning speed.

3. AMP Is Open Source

Google’s brightest and best developers are not the only people who can contribute to AMP. It’s open source and anyone with a bright idea can contribute to it. The publishing world is constantly changing and Google plans to adapt to this world more readily.

4. Paid Impressions Will Increase

The common tendency of users after seeing AMP enabled content is to click back on the SERP to see what all is on offer. This will have a positive impact on the paid search impressions in coming times.

5. AMP Analytics Are Coming Up

A lot of analytics giants like Adobe Analytics, ComScore, Chartbeat, etc. have already started developing analytical services to provide performance analysis to publishers. This will help publishers to understand how well their AMP enabled content is doing and using this analysis they can implement necessary changes.

If your website is already receiving a great deal of mobile traffic, then Google’s AMP is something you should seriously consider. It’s a must for a blog, a news site and a recipe website. For an ecommerce website it will be an exciting experiment with Google’s AMP. They can test it out on one of its product category. However, the real strategic choice of an ecommerce website should always be PWA (Progressive Web Apps).

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