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Google Lens Is Revolutionising The Way A Camera Works

May 26, 2017 |

Decades ago Google reformed the way to search on the internet and since then it has only taken leaps in revolutionizing the entire internet experience. Google was the forerunner when it comes to search the internet using images. We still use the option of “Search Google for image ” on a regular basis to get information related to an image. But in a recent announcement, the company introduced Google Lens which is completely a new way of searching over the internet: Through your camera.

It was Snapchat who made a big impact on Augmented Reality by applying digital filters like a flower crown on people’s head. Now Google will make its own mark by providing digital information about real flowers. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said, “With Google Lens, Google will understand what you’re looking at and help you take action”.

So How Google Lens Works?

Google Lens is actually image search in reverse. You click a picture using your phone camera and Google Lens gets you all the information related to it. The AI-powered computer vision is not a brand-new concept and has been around for quite some time now. But, Google Lens pushes it to another level. It is a more powerful successor of the company’s previously introduced features like Google Goggles and World lens. It brings Google’s use of Artificial Intelligence into the real world. The camera acts as a search box and fetches all the information for you. This is Google’s attempt to mold its search methodology according to the younger internet users who love to communicate through pictures rather than text.

So let’s say you take a picture of a restaurant. Google Lens can do a lot more than merely identifying it as a restaurant or giving you the name of the restaurant. It can actually pull up the menu, look for reservation options and check the availability of a table on a particular date. If you click a picture of a plant or flower. It will not just tell you the name of the flower. It will tell you its species, suitable environment for plantation, whether it requires direct or indirect sunlight etc. Wow!! Isn’t that exciting?

Google Lens

At first, it will work with Google Photos so that it can scan all the previously stored data. It’s also coming to Google Assistant where it will interact with new searches and images, and gradually it will come to all Google products. There is no official word on when it will be available with all Google products, but it’s expected to be done by the end of this year. Google has taken a different approach in creating its mark in the world of Augmented Reality. Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram use AR to make people laugh. They use funny filters to allow users to create funny videos, pictures etc. But Google Lens is an ambitious attempt by Google to use Augmented Reality for a utility purpose. As Google is applying its technology through widely used android phones, it has a huge set of an audience once it’s launched.

The future of AR is very bright and no doubt it’s the next big thing for the years to come. Television might just vanish with a pair of AR glasses. Everything you might want to know can be right in front of your eyes. Just look at it and get the information. The scope of AR is unimaginable. Technology giants have realized this fact and are all geared up to use AR in the best possible way. Google can be a leader of this revolution with everything that it knows about you, me and the world.

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