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Why Do You Need to Use Faces in Your Ads?

December 3, 2022 |
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You probably already know that you need to find the most effective ways to interact with your customers to see success in your marketing efforts. You are already aware of this. You have probably even heard that human faces or characters should be used in your marketing campaigns and advertisements, a strategy that many of the most well-known corporations in the world have adopted. However, why is that a crucial marketing puzzle piece in the first place?  

So many effective marketing efforts feature a faces because it makes it possible for firms to build a strong emotional bond with their audiences. Marketing campaigns can be used to establish this link. Regardless of the industry you are in or the size of your company, connecting with your audience on a human level can help you increase engagement and generate conversions.

The Faces Are All That Matters

A study states that 91.7% of commercials with a face receive more attention than those without a face. We can detect faces at a rate that is at least twice as fast as that of many other forms of stimuli because our brains are physically wired to do so. Nobody should be surprised by the findings that showed increased brand and ad identification with face advertising since paying attention helps memories stick.

Humans are social creatures. Thus we are compelled to look at other people’s faces. We want the sense of community that comes with belonging; in the end, our prosperity correlates with our ability to work with others around us. Because of this, incorporating human faces in your ads can help them stand out and develop a connection with their target audience despite the abundance of advertising stimuli. For the same you can also look for quality based animation designing services for your company to make the best out of your marketing campaigns.

Make a persona for yourself

How is the persona related to the brand? If you select a persona representing your brand, your business will have a unique identity. While your logo can (and should be used) to identify you, if it lacks a face, your customers may perceive you as impersonal and even cold to them.

The truth is that people do not interact with logos like they do with other people or objects that resemble humans. This is so because logos are devoid of human traits. So, a smart strategy to portray your brand as being pleasant and approachable is to give it a face that people can immediately identify and relate to human traits.

You end up developing into a more reliable brand

How to gain recommendations and trust of new clients? The opinions of their peers are more likely to be trusted by consumers than businesses. Customers will therefore be more likely to believe in you and your products if your brand can convey human qualities. When you gain their trust, they will be more likely to use your products and recommend you to their friends and relatives.

It offers a chance for interaction

Interactive content is quite popular nowadays. Nothing engages customers with a company like a genuine conversation, and when your marketing strategy includes a human face, customers feel as though they are conversing with someone they already know. This familiarity not only increases the possibility that customers would buy from you but also encourages participation in the social media campaigns you undertake. Look for a company offering graphic design services to create the content for a completely new campaign for you if your team lacks the time or resources to address the issue that your ads are not doing as well as they could. 

Wrapping up 

Even if your competitor’s product is trustworthy and has an interesting backstory, having a human face that identifies with your brand and creates a relationship with your audiences will set you apart. You will stand out if you have a human face that gives your brand a personality and establishes a connection with your audience. Whether you decide to utilize a real person or a fictional character, this is a strategy you should use in your marketing if you want to build the strongest connection with your target audience. Contact Our Experts today to get more insight on how and which faces you can use in your brand’s Ads

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