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10 Great Examples of Creative Landing pages

November 23, 2019 |
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The landing pages are the first and foremost introduction of your website and plays a vital role in marketing your brand on the web. it introduces the specific offers, your services, products and key elements of your business. Therefore it’s necessary to give a good thought behind designing a visually attractive, intuitive and user-friendly landing page. The goals behind the landing page design can be different. 

Landing pages are not just about selling and buying. They are also used to present and promote mobile applications, educational resources, communities, make special announcements, etc.

The design process for any landing page must start by setting a clear and concise target to be achieved. An ideal landing page must feature a clear visual hierarchy, bold and highly readable typography, a short scannable tagline, an instantly visible call-to-action element, and a readable and concise description.

Today, we have collated a list of 10 amazingly designed landing pages featuring a variety of products and offers. Take a look and draw inspiration from each one of them.

1. Photomate – A Photo Service

Landing Pages Example 1 - Photomate

Photomate is a digital product for photography lovers. It’s design is created for the direct purpose of web promotion. The app lets users keep their photos in an organized gallery and albums. They can find photos quickly and improve their looks with an AI-based editor. This landing page is a good example of using custom hero illustrations to boost storytelling, add originality and enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

2. Cleanerz – An Innovative Car Wash Service

Landing Pages Example 2 - Cleanerz

The focus of digital products has shifted from selling, offering, informing, or educating to just connecting people who can help each other solve their problems. This design is a perfect example of connecting people. It is the landing page for a service that provides innovative car cleaning and let people join and earn money. This particular page is targeted at people who are looking to be hired as cleaners. The hero illustration is both cute and catchy. It creates a positive mood and informs about the nature of the service with readable and clear content placed on the light background.

3. Let’s Read Together – The Subscription Page

Landing Pages Example 3 - Let's Read Together

This is the subscription page of an online bookstore selling children’s books. Its conversion goal is to engage users and make them subscribe to the newsletters. The simple tagline and description that explains the benefits, with the hero illustration, instantly creates the proper aura and encourages users to subscribe. The dark background here doesn’t hurt readability in any way due to the thoughtful choice of fonts.

4. Checkbags – A Luggage Delivery Service


If you are a frequent traveler or you have to constantly move, you must be aware of the luggage challenge. This app aims to overcome this challenge and that’s the point behind the service presented in this design concept. The app picks up clients’ luggage from the desired location and delivers it to the chosen destination. The bright and catchy hero image along with a subtle color palette instantly sets the right mood. Color accents effectively unite the layout composition and the tagline fits great.

5. Flober – A Hair Accessories Store


One of the basic rules of e-commerce websites is to display the offered item at its best. This landing page demonstrates how to do it in the case of an e-commerce website. The page is designed for an online store selling exclusive hairclips and accessories. The illustration is very much prominent and artistic, which instantly sets the theme, gives aesthetic pleasure and creates a strong emotional appeal. The sophisticated typography nicely compliments the design.

6. Secure – A Security Service


This is another landing page that promotes a mobile app. The security application helps a user quickly contact the nearest police station and cares about the safety of the neighborhood. The visual contrast of a hero illustration, with irregular curves and thin lines makes the landing page stand out. Also, the bold solid Druk font creates an instant impact.

7. Carbonex – An Environment Protection Community

Landing Pages Example 7 - Carbonex

People are becoming more and more environmentally aware and concerned with every passing day. The seeking for solutions related to environmental problems is growing at a rapid pace. Carbonex is a web page designed for the website of the eco-aware community consulting businesses and manufacturers as well as launching projects devoted to environmental protection. The composition and color palette of the hero illustration supports the emotional appeal and creates an instant message about the theme. Visual hierarchy features easy scannability to make the major information. The infographics and CTA are also instantly visible.

8. Commo – A Social Network Management App


This catchy web page is designed to promote an application that allows users to manage all their social accounts in one place. The illustration has a dynamic composition that best reflects the fast-paced communication in social networks. The page has a split background with a light part for the graphics and the dark part for the text. The CTA button unites the general composition as white elements in dark. 

9. Smartmap – An Interactive Mapping App

Landing Pages Example 9 - Smartmap

Today, websites and apps are much more than just sources of information and communication. They are used for various purposes and often act as our virtual assistants. This landing page was designed to promote an app that allows users to build interactive maps for their smart homes, offices and even public spaces. The catchy and concise layout with an artistic hero image becomes reflects a strong brand image.

10. EasyShops – A Shopping Delivery Service

Landing Pages Example 10 - EasyShops

This is the landing page of a local delivery service, the one that helps shoppers who don’t have the time to shop. It uses catchy 3D graphics set in combination with a unique color palette which gives a trendy look to the page. It helps the brand to stand out. As the website is targeted at local clients, the CTA is designed for a quick call as a priority action.

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The web is full of such inspirations. It is just the trick to zero-down on the message that you want to convey, the way you want to convey and knowing exactly the brand perception that you want to build in your target audience’s mind. Wanna create a WOW landing page for your business? Talk to our experts.

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