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5 Design Elements That Can Spice Up Your Contact Page

October 19, 2018 |

There are plenty of elements which you consider while designing a compelling and user-friendly website. You start with a stunning homepage and move on to an engaging about us page, a high-conversion landing page, and an informative blog. However, not a lot of thought is given to the contact us page, even though this page is a medium for your audience to connect with you. This page gets more traffic than any other page of a website and therefore needs equal attention.

Building Trust
Today, you will find a whole lot of online stores floating around the web and thus, building trust in your brand is an important success factor for any online store. Visitors will prefer buying from you if they are confident about your offerings and trust your brand. Even the existing customers will choose you over others and will become repeat buyers only if they trust you.

Designing your website keeping the human element is an effective way to earn the trust of your prospects. Visitors must always be able to visualize that there is a real person behind your business who is always ready to solve their problems. A contact us page can help customers solve their concerns regarding any aspect of their purchase cycle.

In this article, we will learn about a few important elements which can elevate the purpose of your contact us page while making it more user-friendly.

1. Should Be Easily Accessible

No point in creating a contact us page if your visitors can’t find it or take ages to find it. Ensure that your contact us page is easy to find so visitors can easily get in touch when they need to talk to your team. The navigation bar and the footer of every page on your website are the two major traffic sources for this page. By placing the contact us page in the main navigation, you make it instantly obvious and directly guide your website visitors towards it.


Source: Pinnacle

2. Personalization Is The Key

You can use friendly images of real people to elevate the credibility and trustworthiness of your company while making it seem more human and personable. Another way to do this is by integrating a catchy call to action like “Talk to a Human” or “Talk To Jack ”on your contact page, which will compel your prospects to contact you. Check out this incredible call to action from Choice Screenings with a personalized message.


3. Relevant Contact Information

When a visitor visits your contact us page, they should get all the required information on this page itself. Add your email address, business phone number, physical location, business hours, social media accounts and any other essential information to your contact page. That said, do not clutter the page; arrange all the information in an organized manner.


Source: achieve3000

4. Add a Catchy Call To Action

Including a captivating call to action to your contact us page is the best way to keep your visitors’ hooked to your website. It ensures that the visitors stay a little longer on your website even if they don’t want to complete the intended action at that particular moment. There are a lot of ways to keep them glued to your website. You can invite them to download your eBook, signup for a newsletter, check out your latest blogs and bestselling products or simply ask them to follow your brand on social media.


5. Mobile-Friendly Design

Majority of the websites get a chunk of their traffic from mobile and other smaller devices. Therefore, it is essential to design a responsive contact us page so that visitors can easily fill the contact form using mobile devices. Moreover, Google ranks responsive and mobile-friendly websites higher on their search engine result pages. Make sure that all your website pages, including your contact page, are mobile-friendly. You can use large, bold and easily clickable CTA buttons, and large form fields to provide a seamless mobile experience.


Source: Weifield Group

To Conclude

Your contact page is the first place where your customers go for help. An amazing, user-friendly contact us page can help customers find solutions and engage with your business. You can incorporate the aforementioned elements on your page to create an engaging and welcoming contact us page. Use our contact us page to speak to one of our design experts and discuss your design needs.

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