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2022 Icon Trends: What You Need to Know

May 14, 2022 |
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UX designers have been using icons since their inception in 1981, and they’ve explored creative methods to evolve their designs through them. Icon designs are all around us these days, and our brains have been conditioned to recognize them without having to think about them twice. For instance, when we see an envelope icon, we know it indicates an email, whereas locks and keys signify online security.

Top Icon Design Trends In 2022


As the logo design became more minimalistic, so did the icon design. A minimalistic approach to design helps designers to produce simple, distinctive artworks that don’t rely heavily on either the color palette or the layout.

Despite the fact that their representations aren’t necessarily accurate, simple symbols are easy to interpret, allowing designers to express themselves freely. Even websites that formerly used intricate designs and symbols are now gravitating toward a more straightforward visual style of their content, which is reflected in the icon design.


The circle is the earliest, simple, and most perfect geometric form seen in nature and design. This style of symbol may be used in a variety of ways, from flat icons in a circle to 3D spheres, and designers are more inclined to incorporate them.

The problematic element of circular icon design is that circles don’t often mesh well with other forms in the design, such as app icons, which are typically square.

Flat Icons

The emphasis on flat design appears to be fading in all areas except icon design, which is probably owing to flat design’s simplicity, which lends itself well to the expression on a tiny scale.

A flat design is a style of user interface design that emphasizes the use of basic, two-dimensional objects and vibrant colors. Using a flat design lowers the number of variables like textures and shadows, which gives a simple and clean image.

Line Style

Choosing line icons is usually a good idea because they go well with just about every other design element or overall aesthetic. The new trend adds a dash of color to the look, making it more appealing to the eye.

The color can either completely fill the symbol or float in the backdrop, which unifies the icon’s components and emphasizes the brand color.

3D Gradients

Over recent years, the 3D gradient has gained a lot of traction in many elements of design, including icon design, and it’s becoming increasingly popular. This style, which includes anything from enhancing the color of the components in the icon to creating a pop effect to monochrome icons on a full gradient-colored backdrop, looks trendy and attractive.


Abstract icons, as the name indicates, are meant to represent a wide range of ideas and feelings in a single image. A company’s personality, ideals, and product offerings may all be represented by an abstract icon.

Abstract symbols can influence consumer perceptions of a brand even if they don’t depict a real product or have a defined meaning. Freelancing networks and social networking sites, for example, frequently make use of this kind of design to link individuals and businesses together.


Icons that are drawn by hand are more real and distinctive. An artist’s style may range from simple forms and lines to more intricate depictions. The wonder and delight that may be evoked by both colorful and black-and-white hand-drawn artwork are evident in both. If you’re looking to highlight the emotional side of your business, this design is ideal for you.

Bright Colors

As bright colors capture the viewer’s attention and provoke pleasant emotions, it’s unsurprising that they’re trendy in many areas of design, especially icon design. Icons with gradients, monochrome icons, and full-color components may all benefit from these hues.

Bright color icons may enhance the characterization of a brand or product by creating a sense of optimism. Yellow, blue, green, and purple are some of the most popular hues used by designers because they work well together and produce beautiful color schemes.


Since the beginning of time, humans have relied on signals and illustrations, and icons are the core elements of this communication. In the digital era, designers are finding new techniques to reinterpret aesthetic icons by creating new styles or re-inventing older ones. Contact Us today to know more about evaluating your web/app’s icons.

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