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5 Amazing Ways To Create Fascinating Push Notifications

August 12, 2017 |
Push Notifications

Marketers have left no stone unturned in a quest to increase the user engagement with their brands. They take all possible efforts in connecting to the masses and increase their brand reach every day. Amongst all the arsenal possessed by the marketing spearheads, push notifications act as a supremo of the overall engagement strategy. This is especially due to the personalisation and targeting features available with push notifications. It’s a highly effective tool to blossom a close bonding between a brand and its customers.

However, the use of this strategy has grown multiple folds during the last few years which has led to a slump in the opt-in rates. Marketers have started using push notifications blindly without even understanding the core dynamics of this technique. Here’s how you can create effective push notifications and use them effectively to boost your opt-in rates.

1. Create An Alluring Welcome Message

Creating a strong first impression is very essential. Make your users feel welcomed and show them a friendly gesture. This gesture will ensure if the customer will return to your app the second time or not. It’s a proven fact that if a new user doesn’t return to your app within a week, then it’s very unlikely that he will return at all. Another important factor here is to select a tone, as there isn’t looking back. You will need to stick to your tone within all your communications. Your tone can be informal, witty, classy, sarcastic etc. , matching your brand persona.

Also, provide some initial freebies or offers so that the customer immediately feels valued. You can provide certain new joining bonus, rewards or provide refer a friend offers.

2. Remind Them With A Pleasant Message

For a majority of times, customers will not finish their last action and exit your app. It may be a purchase, a game, an unfinished video or anything else that your app offers. It’s critical to remind the customer about his last unfinished action so that he can take a step towards it. It is basically pushing the customer towards finishing the action cycle and thus increasing the conversion ratio. Also, more and more relevant content can be pushed towards the customer by monitoring their in-app behavior.

3. Awake The Inactive Users

It’s far too easy to re-engage an existing customer rather than creating a brand new user. Use of push notifications is an effective way to re-engage the inactive users. It’s a common trend that customers use an app heavily during the initial few weeks or 1 month. However, the usage slowly dries down and eventually results in an uninstall over a course of time. Thus, it’s better to take an action up front. Lure your inactive customers by providing them enticing offers which will push them to use your app again. Add a personal touch to these push notifications to make them feel more valued.

4. Implement Location Based Geo-Targeted Messages

Targeting is one of the strongest feature of push notifications and thus must not be neglected. It helps mobile marketers to bridge the gap between their marketing efforts and the real time customers. Having said that, these notifications must not be used for all the customers. Long time customers and most active users are the best-suited audiences for these messages as they have already created a trust factor with your brand. It can be a little uneasy for new users to share their location data with your brand and they even might feel some insecurity knowing that you are tracking their locations.

5. Acknowledgment Of Customer Loyalty Through A Reward Message

Creating an engagement is a very important aspect of marketing strategy. However, the real game is retaining the existing customers and ensuring that they are satisfied. It’s important that the customers are reminded time and again that they are valuable to your company and the company really appreciates their business. This acknowledgment can be made by certain reward notifications for the customers. An example – “Thank you for placing your order with us. Enjoy 20% off on your next order with Promo Code: 20XYZ”

Push notifications are an incredible marketing tool when used properly. But in order to best use push notifications, we need to understand the basics of when to send pushes, and how to create enticing push notifications. Your campaign goals are bound to be achieved within no time if you will follow some of the best practices related to push notifications. Talk to our experts today to know how to effectively plan your app marketing efforts.

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