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5 Copywriting Hacks To Create an Impressive Copy

October 28, 2016 |
5 Copywriting Hacks To Create an Impressive Copy

No matter how extravagant of an offer you have or how outstanding of a product you have. The success of your product is not guaranteed until you communicate yourself to your prospects in an effective manner. That’s wherein the art of excellent copywriting comes into play. Quoting it as an integral part of marketing doesn’t make it rocket science. Business heads across the industry keep a safe distance from the nitty-gritty of copywriting rather than admiring it. However, copywriting is not that hard and here are 5 copywriting hacks to produce an effective copy:

1. Start With a Strong Base

Let’s admit this fact that every writer faces the so-called Writer’s Block at some point in time. It’s a terrible feeling when the blank sheet stares at you with an unforgettable expression. However, there are a few simple techniques which can be used to get a perfect start. Always start with your homework about the subject. Read news, articles and background information to understand the subject very well. Explore what’s going on social media channels about the same. Pen down pointers to compare and contrast ideas. Select a Primary idea or keyword and link your ideas to that keyword (can be done through a diagram). Apart from these brainstorming techniques ask these 4 vital questions to yourself –

  • What am I selling at an emotional level?
  • Who is my audience?
  • Will it make a sense to my audience?
  • What is the call to action? (What do I want my readers to do when they read it?)

2. List The Features But Highlight The Benefits

It’s very obvious that a writer would list the key features of the offered product or the service in the marketing copy. But, the key is to understand the fact that customers are more keen on knowing what’s in it for them? So you need to mould your writing keeping this essential fundamental in mind.
For example –
Made of Premium quality Oak (Feature) vs Long lasting, no need to change for years (Benefit)
Home delivered within 48 hours (Feature) vs Saves time and money (Benefit)

3. Write For Humans

Yes, you need to pay close attention to the technical aspects at all the levels of communication. But you should never forget the fact that you are writing for human beings and not for buying machines. The human element needs to be visible in your communications. Follow this approach to effectively communicate with your customers while touching their human nature.


4. Style and Structure

The previous few steps would give you a launchpad to get started. Once you have the base ready, you can follow a few simple structure and style guidelines to come up with a perfect copy.

One important aspect you must understand and acknowledge is that online reading is completely different than offline reading. People not really read on the internet but scan through the content. That means you need to keep your content concise and not too lengthy. Keep the most important information at the start as it will pull a reader’s interest. Do not use words like “that”, “to”, “so” etc. in excess. It creates a clutter. Use bucket brigade words like remember, consider, however, for example, etc.

Most of the content on the web today is structured in listicles as it creates maximum impact. Always keep the pointers in odd rather than even numbers as they are easier to remember.
Use fonts like Verdana, Arial and Helvetica as they are easier to read online than serif fonts. If people find it troublesome to read your copy, they simply won’t.

Images help a lot to leave an everlasting impression in a reader’s mind. Include images in your content. There isn’t any thumb rule about how many images should be used. However, an 80% text and 20% images ratio is advisable. Lastly, please don’t be too sales specific. Keep 75% free info in your content and only 25% sales info.

5. Double Check Your Content

To err is human
Everyone is bound to make some mistakes while preparing the content. It is very important to check the content to rectify these errors and make your copy flawless. Perform a complete spell check, proofread, and use tools like Grammarly to check grammatical errors. Always give your copy to someone else to read before you publish. There is a bright possibility to discover something which went unnoticeable under your scanning.

Believe it or not, a powerful copy spearheads your marketing efforts. If you are able to efficaciously communicate with your customers, half of the battle is won there and then. Possessing an expert copywriting team provides an edge to your business by pushing your message loud and clear to your audience. Join hands with NYX Ditech and work along with some of the best copywriters in the industry who will work as partners to your business.

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