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5 Content Marketing Hacks To Boost Traffic On Your Website

July 14, 2017 |
Content Marketing

If there is one thing that has the magnetic power to attract people towards your website, it has to be the content of your website. Content is literally the king of online marketing. If your website has strong, attractive, and engaging content, you are bound to get amazing web traffic leading to an increased conversion ratio. Having said that, it’s not that easy to create fascinating content as it is an art. So what differentiates between good marketing content and fantastic marketing content? In this article, we will discuss 5 content marketing hacks that will boost engagement and inflate your web traffic.

1. Define Precise Goals:

Setting specific goals is imperative and needs to be done right at the start. You must have a clear mindset regarding your target audience and what are your short term and long term goals. Narrow down your selection of channels for marketing the content. Zero down on a particular channel. So if you are focusing on Facebook then set targets regarding reach, likes, shares, followers etc. Also, set time-based targets like weekly, monthly, quarterly and so on.

2. Share Your Content Multiple Times:

Never restrict to sharing your content only once a day. It makes no sense to share your content one time a day as it reduces the chances of reaching the maximum audience. Recirculating your content ensures you reach to your followers. Decide specific times of a day to post content. You can pre-schedule your posts easily. Following a particular schedule makes it easy for your followers to follow your posts and helps to generate high engagement.

3. Use Attractive Info-graphics:

Time and again we have heard that visuals create a better impact than any other mode of communication and this is a scientific fact. A good infographic will always be a visual treat for your visitors. People will always choose a fine infographic as a medium of communication rather than a long paragraph of written content. People don’t really read everything on the internet. Rather, they glide through the web pages quickly scanning the information. This makes infographics a much more practical approach to impart information and communicate with visitors.

4. Create Evergreen Content:

It is always a bright idea to create content which seems fresh throughout the year or even after that. But, unless you are a news website, it’s hard to find such content. Such type of content helps in generating constant web traffic. It’s an important aspect of online content marketing which often gets overlooked. Play smart with your content and don’t use words which restrict the freshness of your content. For example: Suppose you are creating a blog post for your travel website. You choose the title of your post as “ 5 awesome places to visit in 2017”. This post will lose its charm when the clock ticks into 2018. However, a title like “5 awesome places to visit this year” removes restriction and keeps the content fresh for any point in time.

5. Content Optimization

The core objective of your content creation is to get more web traffic and increase engagement. This requires a lot of content optimization so that you can reach out to as many web users as you can. Implement SEO basics in your content to make your web pages search engine friendly. Add relevant meta tags, titles, descriptions etc. in the content. Use effective and common keywords to increase your page rankings through content. One of the other important tasks related to page optimization is to conduct a page analysis. Ensure that your content has good readability score and enough internal links.

Online marketing efforts revolve around a sites’ content. If there is no proper focus on constantly improving the quality of your content, it may lead to low levels of engagement and web traffic. This will eventually be drastic to your business goals. Try implementing these simple hacks and monitor the changes. For expert advice and advanced level online marketing strategies reach out to our experts.

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