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Color Trends That Will Go Big In 2023

Color Trends

Whether we talk about graphic designing, web designing or any digital design, colors are one of the most important factors that influence the overall appeal of the design. Every year or month, new colors are doing rounds and are loved by a wider audience. But how do you know these colors will work? By understanding the value of color trends and different trendy colors. Often color trends are influenced by everyday affairs, and all that is happening around the world. For instance, cultural shifts, inflationary trends, world market, political scenarios, etc., people express these emotions via colors and designs. From cool colors to warm colors, every year new trends are followed to attract an audience and enhance the value of designs through graphic design services. If you are looking for design trends to be followed in 2023, this guide will help you. 

Here Is The List of Color Trends That Shall Prevail In 2023: 

#1 Bold Reds: Red is already taking over the runways by the end of this year. As per many designers, Red is going to be one of the influential colors in 2023. Worn by many celebrities, Red is going to be a major attraction for graphic designers. Even one of the largest luxury brands Dior’s Fall campaign has models posing with red backdrops. Reds are making a comeback in color trends in 2024. Red color signifies power; it is one of the most attention-demanding colors that grab eyeballs quickly. 

#2 Soft shades of bold colors: In 2023, people will continue to find pastels or soft shades more attractive. This time it is going to be soft shades of bold colors such as dark blues or dark browns, etc. Using soft shades of gold colors will help you make monochromatic looks more easily. Monochromatic Colors with soft shares bring a sense of consistency and help emphasize drawing attention towards significance. So, a creative design agency can use soft shades to put focus on key elements next year. 

#3 70s color hues: 70s color schemes are going to be on the top of color trends in 2023. Web and graphic designers are looking back into 70s color options and combinations. 70s color scheme inspirations such as earthy browns, mustard yellow, greens, etc are top of the options. These colors are the best way to bring nostalgic feelings and bring back memories of simple times, comfort, and familiarity. 70s color schemes majorly reflect calmness, cool color combinations, and a simple environment. 

#4 Pretty Pink- Prom Queen: Prom Queen Aesthetics are back in trend again in 2023. Do you remember those pink Barbies in different vibrant colors of clothes? Yes! That era of prom aesthetics is back in 2023. You might see a pop of pink shades everywhere from clothes to graphic designing, pink is going to be a trendy color. Bright pink combinations reflect color, and brightness, and will attract people. The nostalgic effect of Barbie colors will be trendy. 

#5 Warm Mediterranean: The desire to jump into post-COVID traps will reflect in warm Mediterranean color options. The color options include grey clay tones, dusty pink, dusty red, browns, etc. will give calmness to your design. The colors that you can usually find in a ceramic shop will become more common and trendy in graphics. Soft and warm tones giving gentle vibes from Mediterranean colors will bring relaxation and calmness to your designs. When everyone else will go for bold colors like reds and 70s combinations, there should be a balance with gentle colors like these. 

#6 Dark Academia or Dark Sci-fi tones: In a world where sci-fi is trending everywhere, these colors are going to be chartbusters. The dark sci-fi or academia colors will represent the dark side of the world and the inclination towards technology. Moreover, these colors will reflect the darker times humans are going through such as inflation, wars, climate, etc. The combinations will reflect the dark misery and the need to find the light at the end of the tunnel. 


These are some of the most trendy color schemes and colors you will see in the coming year. From dark sci-fi to 70s color schemes, these trends are reflecting current times and our need or desire to find nostalgic simple times before the pandemic. The color schemes are going to be a part of major graphic designs in 2023 by graphic design services. Let our experts know to choose a best color theme for your brand.

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