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Here’s The Essential Guide For Your Startup Business Branding

February 3, 2017 |
Brand & Identity
Startup Business Branding

We are living in an era of startups. Every second person in today’s world either has his own startup or else dreaming of having one. It starts with an idea which shapes into a business model which eventually lays the foundation of a company. There are plenty of things involved in the whole process. The idea, planning, execution, market study, competitor analysis and the list just goes on and on. Startup owners have so much stuff on their plates that they often neglect one of the most important topic – Branding. In this article, we will highlight some important guidelines for your startup business branding.

It’s very important that you get your branding correct right from the start. How you brand your business will set your image in a customer’s mind. But, Mind it, it’s a one-way road without looking back. Once the image is set, it’s very challenging to change it.

Half The Game Is In The Name

Zeroing on a name for your company is a very crucial, tiresome, and time-consuming process. It takes a lot of efforts and time to come up with the perfect name but, the wait is surely worth it. Customers start judging your business and your company the moment they hear the name of your company. A non-impactful or bad name might lead customers into falsely judging your company even before knowing what you do and other important details.

An effective name will assure a distinct and rock-solid place in the market. It helps in distinguishing yourself as a company and conveying your business vision along with creativity. A strong and impactful name can be the difference maker in being just another firm or a category-defining iconic brand.

Maintain An Impressive Visual Identity

If you underestimate the effect of a brand’s visual components on people, then you’re calling trouble. We always hear sayings like “Never judge a book by its cover” but let’s be honest, an attractive cover will always grab more eyeballs. It helps in getting noticed by people which will eventually lead to a long term business relationship. Logos, business cards, color schemes, graphics, taglines, fonts and many other visual components need super attention.

It can easily communicate your intended message to the customers. If the design is used in an efficient manner, it instantly communicates your business values- Trust, strength, innovation, creativity, luxury, value for money or anything your brand identity stands for.

Differentiate Yourself Through Branding

It’s a rare possibility that you won’t face any competition while running a business. Even if you are the first one to start any kind of business, competition will crop up in no time. It’s very important to differentiate yourself from all the other companies in the same business. Use your branding to create that difference. If properly done, your branding can make a huge difference in cutting through the clutter and placing you above your competitors.

Develop A Brand Personality

A lot of businesses fail to understand the importance of building a brand personality. Their websites look boring filled with all unnecessary jargons, words from the founder etc. These tend to repel customers and many times there is stuff on websites which totally confuses them. Irrespective of the business or the industry, everyone needs a brand personality. A brand personality should be designed carefully, thoughtfully and must be executed properly.

It might take more than one go to find the best brand personality but the effort is definitely recommended. Try out different methods until you hit the bull’s eye.

There are a lot of commitments to fulfill in the initial period when you’re planning to launch your startup or just started it. It’s very much possible that you forget about important aspects like your branding requirements. Share your vision and business objectives with our branding experts and fulfill all your branding requirements.

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