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How To Design Attractive Pinterest Posts?

January 15, 2022 |
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Pinterest is the world’s largest visual search engine, allowing your content to be seen by more than 90 million people. As long as your photographs are eye-catching, you’re good to go. A pin graphic or picture does not have a fixed format. Pinterest allows you to post any type of image, regardless of its size, style, or color, and it will appear in a user’s search results.

However, there are a few strategies that creative design services adopt to ensure that your pins get clicked rather than the pin just adjacent to you, which we will detail below:


The images you upload to Pinterest must be vertical. Vertical pins perform the best, and Pinterest’s required dimensions for the arrangement of their feed include all vertical pins.

Choose a Top-Notch Photograph

Although it may seem apparent, you should always use high-quality images for your Pinterest Pins. It is best to look for photographs with a width of 736 pixels without any distortions. Image pixelation is an immediate turn-off for users.

Attempt to focus on tall pictures, as they remain on the screen for a considerable length of time while people scroll by. Don’t go overboard with the length of your photographs, even if they’re great.

Choose an Image That Is Relevant

Depending on the subject matter, some pins place more focus on the image, while others place more attention on the text. When a photo is included, it can assist people to understand what the post is about and so increase the number of people who see it.

A photograph is not usually required if you’re in the corporate world. Many companies only utilize text and leave a lot of white space. But if your website is a lifestyle or other type of business, you’ll likely want to incorporate a picture to entice readers.

Color Combinations: What to Use and What Not to Use

Take into account the colors and fonts you’ll be utilizing while designing your Pins. Don’t be hesitant to play around with your basic colors, even if they’re often more appealing to your audience.

For example, creative design services may use blue and pink because they’re right close to each other on the color wheel. Your target audience will appreciate your work more if you use only one primary and one accent color.

Incorporate a Call To Action

Visitors may admire your Pin, but they may be unsure about what you want them to do when they see it. As a result, each Pin should have a clear Call To Action.

It’s still a good idea to include the link in the description, even if it’s already embedded in the image. This simple change can lead to a substantial boost in traffic, resulting in a significant rise in sales.

Pins Should Be Properly Branded

It’s important to put your brand front and center when creating Pinterest Pins. Include the colors, logo, and/or tagline of your business.

Your logo should accurately reflect the essence of your business so that users can instantly recognize what your firm is all about when they see your Pins. Maintaining a basic and adaptable logo is the best way to make your pins stand out.

Use Pinterest to Your Advantage

Your firm will surely benefit from the exposure Pinterest Pins provide. You’ll see a massive increase in visitors if you put these strategies to use. In addition to generating more leads and increasing your conversion rates, you will also increase the credibility of your brand! Contact Us today to get Pinterest pins designed for your brand.

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