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Pro Tips To Offer An Amazing User Experience in 2019

July 6, 2019 |
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User Experience

We are in the middle of 2019. In the past six months, we have witnessed a few new User Experience trends blooming, while some of the anticipated trends did not live up to the expectations. Amidst all the latest growing practices and the fading out ones, some User Experience tactics and methods stand firm to amplify user experience at every level. Here are some of the best, tried and tested tips to design a ‘WOW’ user experience.

1. Design A Responsive & Mobile-friendly site

With Google enabling mobile-first indexing by default for all new websites starting 1 July, designing a responsive and mobile friendly site becomes paramount. Smartphones are driving massive traffic for several websites, making it essential for sites to be a responsive one. To cater to mobile internet users and ensure better visibility, a mobile-friendly website is a must. But, don’t compromise at the quality front while including the responsive elements. Many responsive design testing tools help check the responsiveness of websites, so use one of them and analyse your website.

2. Provide Engaging content

Content is the king; it is indeed the key ingredient to a pleasant website user experience. Browsing a website is more than a transaction; it has become an experience. Expectations of users have increased multiple folds, which makes it essential for web designers to consider these expectations while designing UX.

An effective way to accomplish this is by choosing an engaging content strategy. Effective content strategies focus on telling a brand’s story to build a relationship between a business and its client.

Content can be offered through blog posts, pictures, vlog or a separate website altogether. Using content to establish a brand identity helps to ensure that potential clients get acquainted with your brand. Tailor-made content, based on the audience, will increase users’ trust in your business.

3. Use Enticing CTA

CTA is the key element on your website, which will drive all the business. They must be strategically placed on the site, to ensure that visitors take the intended step. CTAs should be easily accessible on every page across the website. It will not only improve the conversion ratio but will also enhance the user experience.

Make sure you place the CTA above the fold. At this placement, users can easily view the button and respond. Your conversions are bound to increase if you provide an easy chance for the visitors to find and react to your Call-To-Action. Moreover, users are delighted to experience the ease of access and clarity on how and when to take actions.

4. Use Hamburger menu

Hamburger menus have gained popularity over the last few years. Hamburger is a typical icon which upon clicking opens a side menu. It indicates that there is something hidden for users. It leaves them curious to find out more about the features and functionalities of the website. It is a very effective way to keep the audience engaged on the site.

Users are not bombarded by all the information in one go, so they feel comfortable. They will reach out to the Hamburger menu if they seek more information. They can navigate their way precisely to the information they seek. It is a boost to the overall user experience of visitors.

5. Provide Concise Information In An Effective Manner

The primary objective of visitors to go to any website is to seek information. There’s something that they are looking for, and they feel they can get it on your website. Designers should design the website keeping this fact in mind. Always provide information in a structured and straightforward way.

Designers are slowly drifting towards simpler designs. Presenting information in a concise format is the best way to deliver your message. Bullet points are one of the ways to convey information and get good results. Clearly providing information is also profitable to the businesses as it helps to draw attention to relevant elements.

6. Track User Activity

One of the effective ways to improve UX design is to understand what users do on your websites. A tool like Crazy Egg can be used to track and analyse user activities. It provides visual heat maps and scroll maps that show you where users click and what they do. Basis of this study, you can add elements that improve a user’s experience.

7. Use Customer Surveys

As stated earlier, customers these days are looking for an experience and not just transaction interactions. Therefore, it’s essential to provide high-quality customer service and ensure that a proper communication channel is built between the business and its users.

Users must be able to reach your customer support team and the technical team, depending upon the nature of your business, during all hours. Immediate action on problems must be taken, and the website processes must be regularly scanned to make it better for customers.

The importance of UX has been recognized across the world of web. Designers must understand that a business’ success fairly depends on understanding and fulfilling users’ expectations and offering them an amazing user experience. Get in touch with our experts and learn more about best UX practices.

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