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7 Master Tips For Designing POS Displays

November 18, 2016 |
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POS Displays

The world has awakened to a new era of marketing tools to promote products and services. One such powerful marketing tool is Point-Of-Sale displays. Let it be any product or service, the impact of Point-Of-Sale displays is compelling. That’s why it’s very important for companies to come with attractive, catchy and meaningful POS displays that leave an everlasting impression on consumers. Here are 7 tips to design fabulous Point-Of-Sale displays that will surely click.

1. Bold Is Beautiful

Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit with your design ideas, colors or themes. Boldness always attracts people. Use large fonts, unconventional fonts to make your design eye catchy. Mix your color shades with bright and contrasting colors. Make sure your display stands out tall against other POS merchandises.

POS - 1
POS – 1

2. Highlight The Use

Never leave a chance to display the actual use of your product. People wish to see how the product works. Use illustrations (Visuals are more impactful) to demonstrate the use of the product. Show delighted customers happily using your product. Ensure that the models you use while displaying, fit in with the image of your customer base.

3. Value Addition Is The Key

It’s always a cherry on the cake if consumers get something in addition to what they expect. Use incentive coupons like tear off ones to attract more consumers. Include coupons like Buy 1 Get 1 Free in your POS displays. If the product displayed at the Point-Of-Sale works along with other products displayed in shelves, then include coupons for those as well.

4. Use Comparative Infographics

Another brilliant technique to attract eyeballs is the use of comparative charts or graphs. People love to see comparisons. Stack your product against other products of similar product line and highlight how your product is better than others.

5. Add Personalization

Divide different flavors & types using colors and images. Personalize whenever possible to effectively communicate. For example- Instead of saying “ice cream,” use “for ice cream lovers.” The change in copy looks subtle, yet makes a big difference. The more your Point-Of-Sale designing and marketing is personalized, the more impactful it will be.

6. Printed Brochures & Flyers

It’s not necessary that your product has an immediate call to action. Maybe the customer would like to sleep over it and decide later. Include beautifully designed brochures and flyers in your Point-Of-Sale merchandise. These provide additional information to consumers and act as a marketing tool as well (when people share the flyers with others).

POS - 2
POS – 2

7. Keep it Interactive

Latest technology advancements have made marketing more interactive. Use QR codes and augmented reality to interact with your customers directly through their mobile devices. For example – You can include a bar-code in your POS display which the customers can scan using mobile phones. Once scanned it takes them to a video providing more info about your product.

Ideas are certainly not limited these 7 aforementioned techniques. There are tonnes of other ways to boost your Point-Of-Sale design. All it requires is a creative mind and psychological understanding of consumer behavior. The experts at NYX Ditech analyse every minute detail about consumer behavior and blend it with their creativity to come up with best POS designs for you. Reach out to us today and discuss the opportunities.

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