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5 UX Trends and Mobile Designs To Boost Conversions In 2017

January 20, 2017 |
UX Trends and Mobile Designs

With great hopes and expectations, we warmly welcomed 2017. Every year is an opportunity to explore new realms in the sphere of technology and innovation. A lot of new design trends will swamp the designers this year as well. As a designer, it is a merry situation with so many options available at disposal. But, will any of these trends have a meaningful impact on the overall user experience and conversions. In this article, we will cover 5 UX trends and mobile designs which will ensure a better conversion in 2017.

1. Age Responsive Design

Let’s face it. You can’t serve the same dish to everyone. Audience from different age group will react differently to different content, layouts and aesthetics. With an availability of new kind of metadatas you can tweak the user experience based on their perceived age. It raises your chances to connect with your audience when and where it counts the most.

2. Shopping Cart Marketing

Did you know? Upsells and cross-sells are responsible for up to 30% of the overall eCommerce revenues. It is almost 10 times difficult to sell to a new customer as compared to converting a sale by upselling to an existing customer. By providing bundled offers, cross-sell offers and upselling options during checkout you can substantially increase your revenues.

3. Lively Call-To-Action Buttons

The CTA button is the star of any web page. It needs to be always placed at the best position on the web page. But that’s not all about it. By adding a slight animation to the button you can instantly draw attention. Having said that, avoid doing something over the top fancy. Subtle movements every few seconds works well and are highly recommended.

4. Persuader NOT Explainer Videos

Animated explanatory videos were the IN thing a few years ago. But its heydey is more than over and videos showcasing real people have made its way. By using real people in your videos you create a sense of authenticity. With the use of customer testimonials and product demos, you can easily overcome all sorts of customer apprehensions, objections and successfully close the sale.

5. Value Based Exit Overlays

We all can admit that when we’re ready to leave a site, and a pop-up appears on the screen, it’s really annoying at times. You are not in any mood to fill out a form and leave your details like email address, phone number etc. Unless you’re Really Really interested. How about an exciting bonus? A discount, freebies, free shipping, or any other gift will definitely grab your attention. Provided it has no catch to get you signed up for future marketing. These kind of offers are highly attractive and increase conversions.

Plenty of other design tricks and UX trends are bound to rule the charts in 2017. It’s not important just to know these trends, but to understand how these tricks and trends can be fit into your design structure to boost your conversions. Contact our design experts today and start a path-breaking discussion.

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