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5 UI Trends That Topped The Charts In 2017

October 14, 2017 |
Design, Web Design
5 UI Trends

These 9 months of 2017 have been quite exciting in terms of technology and the web. The world of web is moving at a fast pace with new advancements emerging every now and then. In line with these technological advancements, the design world has also allowed itself to evolve by accepting new trends and ideas. Designers have welcomed fresh design trends and methodologies with both hands especially while designing the User Interface. With a majority of the year gone by, let’s have a quick look at the UI trends which ruled in 2017.

1. Use Of Deeply Engaging Videos

We have repeatedly highlighted the importance of videos in terms of web design and User Interface. It’s the best way of voicing out the brand’s message in an appropriately associated tone. ‘A picture speaks thousands of words’, and is much more engaging as compared to mere words. Use of pictures has been a trend for quite some time now and videos are its natural successor. Images are static whereas videos are dynamic, thereby creating an amplified effect. 2017 has seen a shift in momentum from the use of static images to engaging videos. Having said that, images are not going to disappear from the scene overnight. However, videos are the next big thing in designing an impressive interface.

2. Long Scrolling

Scrolling is not really a so-called trend and is more of a fundamental functionality. It has been prevalent from a long time both in websites and desktops. But, long scrolling has emerged as a design trend in the last few years. A huge number of websites are using long scroll & longform content for desktops and other larger devices in order to display their content. Due to an increase in access to the internet through smaller devices like mobiles etc., users have become extremely comfortable with scrolling. This has pushed designers to implement long scroll and longform of content in bigger screens. With help of long scroll, users can access a huge amount of content in a single and smooth motion. It works well with all forms of content like longform journalism, news articles, stories, landing page etc.

3. Flamboyant Colors & Gradients

The year 2013 saw the uprise of a design methodology which changed the look and feel of the web back then. It was the introduction of flat design. The concept was to keep the design as simple as possible while eliminating all the fancy and jazzy elements from the design. Functionality wise it was very strong and therefore soon spread like wildfire among the designers. However, it had its own drawbacks. Soon everyone was using a flat design and therefore every website looked more or less similar.

Designers realized the need of creativity and individuality once again and they broke the shackles in 2016. Designers started focusing more and more on personality, experimenting with bold colors, vivid colors etc. instead of dull and simple color shades to provide a sense of uniqueness to their websites. 2017 has seen a great increase in vivid colored and stylized websites. This trend has shown positivity and is bound to gain momentum in the upcoming year as well.

4. Bold & Beautiful Typography

In an extension to use of vivid colors and bold designs, designers have fearlessly experimented with loud Typography as well in 2017. Today, there are a lot of free or cost-effective web font services (like Google fonts, Typekits etc.) available to designers, which provides them creative freedom and more experimenting power. 2017 has seen a huge rise in the use of unconventional, bold, and out of the league web fonts in comparison to conventional fonts. This trend is here to stay for quite some time and the upcoming year will see more and more bold & beautiful typefaces against the traditional typefaces.

5. Illustrations

Illustrations provide an immense sense of personality, individuality, and character which can barely be achieved with traditional photography. Illustrations designed in line with a brand’s identity develops a sense of authenticity and builds trust in users and customers. Illustrations have their own versatility. Some brands may prefer sophisticated illustrations to achieve that posh and classy look, whereas others may rely on more rough and edgy styles to position themselves as fun and playful. Illustrations have performed well in 2017 and they seem to be buzzing in the coming years as well.

The only thing constant is ‘change’ itself. New trends and ideas keep on emerging at the scene and designers should always try to keep themselves abreast these trends. The aforementioned trends are the most popular trends that created a buzz in 2017. However, there is a huge list of other trends as well which were successful in modifying the design world. Share your design requirements with our experts and see how you can ride on these trends to create an impressive User Interface.

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