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5 Features Your Social Media App Should Embrace in 2017

June 24, 2017 |
Social Media App

A notion that’s prominent in the technology sphere suggests that it’s essential to load your social media app with lots of features in order to succeed. It is believed that users like fully-loaded apps than the ones with basic functionalities. However, these beliefs don’t compliment the success rate of a social media app as more features are likely to confuse users by deceiving them of the real purpose.
A research states that an average adult interacts with seven apps a month. This means you should have solid grounds backing your product from the outset. You can steal the show by adding a tinge of innovation to your app that incorporates the requisite elements. Here is a rundown of features that your social media app should have.

1. Easy login

Social media adds a sense of ease in our lives making it extremely facile to connect to our peers, family and friends regardless of their location. Users like that ease while drawing in the app. By including easy login options you’d not only simplify lives of the end users but would give them a reason to come back to your app, since it’s easy, quick and effective.

2. Profile customization

Leveraging users to update their profile as per their wish can not only uplift their mood but can play in your favour. The sense of authority or a feeling of control over their profiles adds value to their lives. Customization makes the profile lively while at the same time add credibility, which is important to keep spammers at bay.

3. Engrossing news feed

Users like to express themselves on social media platforms be it their views or opinions on a trending topic or their last travel experience. News feed is a place where content pieces get collected for your friends and connections to like, comment and share. Hence, the layout of the same should be absorbing to keep users engaged and glued to the app.

4. Push notifications

Push notification is a powerful medium to get users back to your app. All you need to do is, encompass your push messages with insightful articles, latest market trends, user-specific content, personalized promotions and information likewise. You can also notify your user base of a new update or inclusion of a new feature to the app.
Lately, it has been observed that users tend to interact with push notifications more than any other marketing channel including emails and text messages- making it a worthy feature to incorporate in your social media app from the word go.

5. Safety and security

With real people using the app, the information being shared is personal, which means developers need to be on toes all the time to safeguard the same. The content can be in any form, personal write-ups/experiences/opinions, pictures, videos or anything of that sort. Hence, it’s crucial for a development firm to take care of the same and impart the highest degree of security to the app. The hacking community is pretty active so in order to protect your data from getting breached you need to take advanced measures keeping your users’ data safe and secure. The important thing to note here is that users won’t hesitate in abandoning your app if their privacy is at risk. So ensure you have the best team onboard to do the needful.

Final thoughts

Apart from these, there are certain areas that demand attention when you build a social media app. These include selecting the right platform, analyzing the market, competition, target audience, getting associated with the right personnel, embedding the right features to the app and more. It is recommended to cover the necessary aspects first and once the things start rolling, you can include more features to the app.
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