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5 Essential Marketing Collaterals Every Business Must Have

October 14, 2016 |
Brand & Identity
Essential Marketing Collaterals

One would have definitely come across tonnes of marketing collaterals at a networking event, a seminar or a business conference. But most of those items find their place in the trash and seldom serve the purpose they were created for. Today, entrepreneurs make loads of marketing materials to promote their business. These materials range from a simple business card to infographics or even Powerpoint presentation. However, marketing focus has shifted towards digital marketing more than the conventional print marketing over the years. But, marketing collateral can induce a customer into a loyal client for life. We have prepared a list of 5 most important marketing collateral items that your business must have:

Collateral items tell the story of your company, so that possible clients understand who you really are and what you can do for them.

Business Cards

This is the oldest marketing collateral that we are aware of. But, it is one of the most effective marketing tool till date as exchanging business cards still remains as a respected tradition in the world of business. An eye-catching logo along with a robust tagline can create an everlasting impression. Moreover, business cards are very handy and thus can be easily used for future reference and referral.

Catalogue or Brochures

A business catalogue is another important marketing ancillary to effective inform potential clients about company’s products and services. This booklet serves as a good piece of information for clients especially to businesses that experience heavy rush (retail and stores). Brochures are useful during trade shows and presentations where one can distribute them to prospects for creating awareness about services and products offered by the company.

Mission Statement

Marketing collateral is an ingenious way of letting people know who you are and what you do. A mission statement is imperative and serves multiple purposes. It can motivate you and your employees to accomplish your business goals, provide direction and focus on the overall business objective. It gives new employees a sense of the goal of the company. It also provides a positive and clear statement to potential lenders, investors, and media.

Press Kit

Today’s business world is fiercely competitive. You need to regularly communicate with your prospects, clients, investors media and general public to provide them company information. The fate of your business depends on upon how effectively you communicate. A media kit or a press kit, is simply an information pack about a business, product or service. It is called a press kit because many times potential advertising mediums will ask for more information on the potential advertiser.


Your company letterhead carries the essence of your company’s intent and style. It shows how professional you are. Letterheads will generally feature your contact details along with your logo. Ideally, your letterhead will provide easy to read information that is consistent with your other corporate branding. Using your brand’s colours to ensure the letterhead design is consistent with other corporate branding is advisable. However, try to limit colour choices , as white space is still the key element of any letterhead design.

How NYX Ditech Shapes Your Brand Image?

At NYX Ditech we have a team of experts who understand the criticality of brand marketing collateral. We give utmost importance to detailing and transfuse your brand persona in every bit of marketing materials your business requires. From business cards to brochures, letterhead, envelopes and every other marketing material, we have it covered for you. Our aim is to convert business cards into BUSINESS. Check the full range of our services and contact us today.

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