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4 Easy Tips To Design A Photography Website

February 24, 2017 |
Web Design
Design A Photography Website

Photography is outrightly one of the most creative industries. The best way to showcase your creativity through photography is by setting up a photography website. It sounds a lot of fun and excitement, however, a lot of photography websites don’t live up to the expectations and are simply labeled awful. As a matter of fact, an outdated and buggy website can cause some serious pain. The potential clients are always looking out for best work and if your website fails to impress them in one go, they will simply neglect you forever. But don’t sweat! Here are a few tips to make a dazzling photography website.

1. Don’t Overcrowd Your Website

As a photographer, there’s a natural urge of displaying each and every picture that you’ve ever clicked. But, this urge can make your website look shabby and overcrowded. The design of your website must be pretty clean. Thus, choose a handful of your clicks for display. A narrowed down selection will make your website feel organized and well structured.

2. Make It Exclusive

There are tons of photography websites floating around the web. This makes it extremely challenging to stand out of the crowd. One must aim to create a unique website which doesn’t feel like a mere replica of any other website. During the initial phase, one will definitely refer to the available websites of same nature. There isn’t any harm in doing so but, this process should only be utilized for gathering ideas rather than simply copy-pasting a design template of any popular website.

If you want to create a memorable and delightful user experience, you must distance yourself from free website templates. They are FREE, so obviously millions of users would have already implemented them. Besides, there are reasons for which they are provided as free.

3. Avoid Complex Navigation

You want people to notice your work when they land on your website rather than figuring out ways to move across your website. It’s good to be creative and play around with the design aspect, but navigation bar would be the last place to infuse your creativity. Keep the navigation pattern simple. The most important links must be placed right at the top followed by secondary navigation links. Don’t try to show all possible links. Zero down on the most important ones and show them in the top navigation bar.

4. Create a Responsive Website

We have certainly evolved a lot over the years when it comes to accessing the Internet. Gone are the days when you had to wait for reaching home or office to access the internet through desktops. Today, a mere swipe on your smartphone screen gets you into the wide world of internet. The number of people accessing the web through mobile devices will very soon climb over the number of people accessing it through desktops. It’s quintessential to have a responsive website design so that your website performs flawlessly across all devices.

Our experts here at NYX Ditech ensure that we provide a 100% responsive website to our clients. There are many more complex tips which our experts have up their sleeves. This ensures that our client gets only the best. Talk to us today!

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